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February 21, 2011


Angela Sunde

Hi Sherelle,
It's summer here in tropical Queensland, Australia and so I figure Hawaii must've still been in winter. No wonder the locals were rugged up.For them it would've been cold, ha ha! I loved the photos. They've even given me some ideas for a new picture book story.So much of Hawaii reminds me of where we live, especially the vegetation and fruit. But I know that water would've been too cold for me!So glad you had a great time.

Jill E.

looks like a blast! i'd give just about anything to leave chilly mn right now!! sherelle i have to ask where you got that cute plaid swimsuit! i love the style of those bottoms and would like to find some just like those!


Lovely photos!!! So nice to see YOU in the photos Sherelle!!! Usually you are the one behind the camera!

lori jolley

It looks so fun!!! and warm!!


Your photos are always so sublime! It is a delight for eyes! What a disorientation! It is magnificent.
I who live in Paris I would indeed need such a journey!


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