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February 18, 2011



We found the house on vrbo.com but we have also found houses at home away.com

To sherellech@msn.com


I saw that one of your commentors asked about the house you rented. I would also love to know if you are willing to share. It looks like the perfect private beach with little kids as your kids so beautifully demonstrate in all of your pictures!!
Wonderful vacation!!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. They definitely brought a smile to my face this morning. You could see the joy in their faces. Great memories to scrap and enjoy for years to come.

alicia king

I figured you had to be on a vacation, since you are so good at keeping up on blogging! Glad you got to get away some where warm, and enjoy more time with your family!


Wondered where you were! Looks like you had a great time! We've never gone to Hawaii on a vacation, my husband did work over there for 2 weeks once.

Leanne (Australia)

aw Sherelle these pics are beautiful but have to ask how many sets of bathers do your girls have they are just divne. also I dont see any pics of you hope you got infront of the camera too.


If I ever went to one of the islands it would have to be like your trip. I have no desire for the touristy stuff, almost private beach with close house sounds perfect!!!
Cute pictures- I love the little one carrying her bucket and your boy with the boogie board and his cute critter! All of those actions shots of your kids are so fun though, how fun for them!


Great photos! It looks like an amazing vacation. Your family looks like they had a blast. Thanks for sharing your vacation with me. i feel like I was there! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos!


Gorgeous pictures. My hubby and I have been wanting to go to Kauai. Can you tell me how to find info on renting a house like you did? Thanks!


Looks and sounds like a fabulous vacation. That is exactly what I love to do on vacation...rent a beach house in North Carolina on a non commercial island and hang out at the beach. I love to cook in and only eat seafood out a couple of times. Perfect! Looking forward to the rest of your photos! :)


my favs: kate's little bum crack and lily walking along the beach with her dress up to her chest. so adorable.

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