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January 24, 2011



The kittens have a special little door on the chicken coop that they can squeeze through to get inside to stay warm. The top row of laying boxes has been claimed by cats, and the chickens dont seem to mind :)

Sherelle Christensen

To: [email protected]


Love Love Love all the snow!!!! What do you do with all the kittens I have seen walking around in other pictures when there is sooo much snow..?


Sherelle you are far too nice. The comment on my photography is very kind and means a lot coming from you! I am hoping to make a trip up that way end of february (ish?) I will for sure give you a call I would love to visit! And yes we do Spring earlier and for that I am VERY grateful!!! :)

alicia king

brrr! i have to say that i don't miss how cold it is there, but i love how beautiful it is when everything is frosted over! i love the chain link fence ones!

Sarah H.

Those are gorgeous! The second picture tickled me as I think the hawk looks like a man holding his jacket open for you to look at his "watches, jewelry, etc." for sale! I love hawks!


Great pics as usual! Love looking at your pics.


tes photos hivernales sont vraiment spectaculaires,magnifiques

Veronique Wallender

Hi there,
I mistakingly came across your blog about 1.5 years ago and have been reading it ever since. I love it! Thank you for all the beautiful photos, tips, recipes, etc. You are superwoman!
I'm sure you are already aware, but I think your daughter is photographed in the February, 2011 Ladies' Home Journal (page 50).
Looking forward to more of your inspiration.
Veronique (Antioch, CA)

Gina H.

Brrr!! But beautiful!

Pamela K.

Your pictures are lovely! I would love to visit Idaho. It's so beautiful!

Josie Landon

I love pictures of hoar frost! The hawks are cool, too. :)


I spent the morning doing the same thing. I am envious of your hawk pictures. I sooo want to get good bird pictures, but I never do. I might have got some good crow pics today if I had my other lens, but I would have prefered hawks--- not that I don't love crows- they were so fun to listen to talking to each other and making noises I haven't heard them make before.
You are a fast picture uploader by the way- I am still getting mine up and I am not going to edit any just so I can actually get mine on my blog.


I heart the frosted chain link fence. Oh.My.Goodness! So cool!


This might be true Ginger...but Utah does get spring a lot earlier than us, and this, I am jealous of :) Next time you come up here to visit you need to give mea call so we can hang out!!!

Sherelle Christensen

To: [email protected]


I think Idaho cold is much preetier than Utah cold:)


I thought I heard someone outside at your place...I bet we were taking pics at the same time! We should have braved the cold together! Did you get some good shots? It was soooo pretty this morning!

Sherelle Christensen

To: [email protected]

lori jolley

I've been out this morning, too! Its so pretty and the sunshine was just irresistable even if it was freezing cold!

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