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January 07, 2011


Jordan Shoe

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?


I love this! Going home to visit my parents is always a retreat for me. I LOVE the beautiful peaceful feeling. It is my home! Thank you for fighting to protect it. Although, seeing you, Lori and Lisa out there with your signs gave me a good laugh:) Especially Lori:) I love you guys! And of course YOURS would be beautiful and creative, honestly Sherelle isn't there something to be said for just a sharpie and a poster??? :) And I really like the one about putting the windmill in the comissioners back yard!


Good for you Sherelle, I hope it helped!!

Sarah H.

I think it is awesome that you girls are taking a stand for what you believe in! I have often been envious of the beautiful country around your home. I hope nothing will spoil this!


hey hey... not something I thought I'd ever see! After all, this is the type of thing that I usually do! love ya relly xo

Jeanne Miller

I was starting to comment but it's too long so I am going to email you because I really like to have information. Right now I have no beef with the things- I love them actually, but I don't know all the issues and haven't lived here my whole life, so I have some differing opinions to people around here. Not extremely different, but a little in some matters. But in a respectful way :)

Robyn Longhurst

Good for you guys. I'll have to share my opinion on this sometime. We saw thousands of them outside Palm Springs in November. Wild to see! I had no opinion until then and I made my mind up right then how I felt.


I hope you guys win! I feel SO bad for people that have had their home lives overtaken with these!
There is a farm, just outside of the Chicago area that has been blogging about how their lives have changed from these:

I haven't read it in a while but I'm sure there is a ton of good advice there. Good luck!

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