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January 28, 2011



checking every day and getting worried. is all ok with you?

Heather (Montreal)

Yes, I'm checking in, too! Hope all is well & that we'll have a mess of home pics soon.
All is right in the world when I see pics of your family :)


I keep checking on you too. I am guessing your family may be on vacation since you didn't take one earlier. Hope nothing is wrong and you will have beautiful vacation photos for us. ;)


Just checking in from Portland, IN and I miss your posts, I hope everything is ok.


Yes...I am wondering the same thing? I am hoping you are all OK up there in Idaho! I keep checking back to see a new post from one of my favorite designers.
Happy Valentines Day!

Jeanne Miller

I see I am not the only one hoping you and your family are well. I scrolled through your blog today because I needed to see some lovely pictures. So glad it's starting to melt a bit outside. I am getting antsy for spring, especially looking at your garden!

Jo Anna

Missing your posts and updates. I hope all is well in Shelly, ID.

Marion Estes

Is everything OK? Hope so. I miss your adventures and the pics of your beautiful family...

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Sharon Reid

Your children are so cute! And your photos are beautiful...I wish I had your talent.


You don't know me. I live in Dallas, but I was at the pediatrician's office on Friday where I picked up the LHJ. I saw a picture of your daughter in the magazine -- she's so cute!! At first I wasn't certain if it was her, but they mentioned the studio was in Idaho Falls and I knew it must be her.

Sylvia/Little Treasures

So adorable. Wonder if her daddy is ready for her teenage years..Enjoy every minute they grow up way to fast.

alicia king

she's darling!


So AAAdorable! There used to be a t.v. commercial with a little girl...can't remember what was being sold...she's talking about her Mom and, at the end, she scrunches up her face, puts her hands up and says, in her Mother's "voice", "I'm gonna get you and snuggle you all up0!" That's how I feel with this little bundle from heaven...give her a hug and snuggle her all up for me.
God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

Brad Fallon

You have very lovey kids! Like you, me and wife also settled in a country life. We like it here so much with all the peace and quiet. We have everything that we need and we are just happy being together. I think that's what's important having family around.


She looks sooooooooo much like you in those pics! What a little cutie-bug! :) Your children are all absolutely darling!

Bernadine Cook

Very sweet!


Your little sidekick loves the camera!!! I sent a friend of mine your way Sherelle....she is thinking of putting a chicken coop in her yard so I sent her the link to your "mansion"...it's so beautiful!! You guys did an amazing job on that.

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