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January 19, 2011



Oh! I hope she does take after Grace!! She looks adorable!! Now I am going to have to go and check out the Ladies Home Journal!!


Oh Dawn!!! You saw the article? Grace isnt actually a part of the strings for kids program, but her teacher does that program. I shot the photos for the article, so Grace got to be in them :) That is so cool that you noticed! I havent seen the article yet...do you havea copy? If so, I would love a scan of the page...

Sherelle Christensen

To: sherellech@msn.com


Congratulations on your Grace making the Feb issue of Ladies Home Journal!!!!
How cool is that???


My son just is 5 ande just started violin lessons. He has been asking for over a year and is so excited to get going! Maybe someday he can learn the art of fiddling! So cute!


She is the cutest little sweetie x


So.Dang.Cute. ;)

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