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December 08, 2010


Peg Mashke

Love each and every one of these. You are truly an inspiration. Thanks

Skeeter Horne

love this and enjoy your site.


LOVE these Sherelle!!! Absolutely LOVE them! I'm going to have to pick some of these up!! I think you said you also designed some vintage kitchen ones...also for Melissa Frances...I searched for them at the store you have highlighted...but nothing came up...do they sell them at any other place that you know of?? Thanks so much!!! You are ultra talented!!!


These are beautiful, Sherelle. Great job!

Josie Landon

You are such a talented lady! The collection is GORGEOUS!!


Oooh! I Love them and have already purchased some of these. Thank you for the Vintage! I'm all about vintage especially when it comes to Christmas. You did a great job!!!!!!

Lisa V.

I absolutely love it. I'd use every single inch of it! Simply beautiful, Sherelle!


Sooo cute, I can hardly stand it!! You are so talented. :)


Umm...so do you know how much I LOVE going to the store with a friend and saying, yeah I know the girl who DESIGNS these?!?!!?! You are ridiculously talented women! Want to send some of your talent my way for Christmas? Thanks!!! :)

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