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November 29, 2010



Great idea for the lunches. Are those the silicon cupcake holders? Good way to portion out food and get a balanced meal...and colorful too!

BTW that is a lot of snow that you have already. The New Hampshire weather has been warmer than usual and no snow so far in the forcast.

Shauna Thompson

LOVE your pictures as always!

I'm curious how you made the music bag. Did you design it on the computer and then just print it on an iron on?


I'm curious how many chickens do you have to get that many eggs? We have 19 chickens but haven't had many eggs. Wondering what we are doing wrong. I love good productive day of work! It feels good! You're obviously a hard worker.


So glad your husband was able to help the bus get where it needed to go.

3 of my Grandkids' bus slid into a car on Monday morning on their way to school.


I have to agree with Emily...you must have started REALLY early!! Bet your kids were SO excited to have THEIR Dad leading the way!! We are supposed to be getting snow tomorrow!


Please tell me you started at 4am to get all that done!


I love the crock pot!! I also love all your recipes (I make bow tie chicken pasta regularly) and wondered if you could post some more. Especially crock pot ones! Thanks! Have a great week!

lori jolley

How funny - I'll have to ask my kids about following the tractor!
It is nice to get some things accomplished today!


Now I know where we went wrong with teaching our kids to eat carrots and tomatoes...we served them in boring ways! :)

Peg Graham

I bet your kids were beaming from ear-to-ear as your husband cleared their way! Laundry is always around for our family as well (6 people too), but that's a ton of eggs! whew! Love it! One day we plan on having chickens...not until we get more land. Happy Monday Sherelle!

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