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October 09, 2010



Any chance you will share how to make a sourdough starter? My kids love sourdough bread and would love to do this at home.



I wish we had more in common than rain boots. ::sigh:: I do have a few chickens but they aren't the best layers.

I need to know more about canning. Specifically, I need to know how to can salsa. I've never canned before. I thought you had talked about it but couldn't find a link anywhere. Care to give more details? Even in this post.... did you do anything special, or did you just stew tomatoes, add veggies, and put them in a jar or baggie and that's it? AND... how many freezers do you have? :)

Heather Robertson

I LOVE their headbands!!!! I want to buy some.... ;)

lori jolley

Oh gosh Grace is so good! I can't believe how fast her fingers fly! That is so awesome that you get to play together!

lori jolley

Looks so relaxing! I love your first photo with the lighting behind. So pretty. I'll bet the mandolin is fun!


Yes....I LOVE the apron...;).......and I love the videos....that is so cool! Looks like you have been busy....after the wedding is over...I am coming to see you....and I want you to teach me how to be a domestic diva!

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