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October 03, 2010



Love growing these beautiful things! Your pumpkins and gourds are gorgeous!!

Holly Child

Those light green ones are beautiful!! What a fun variety!!


I'm jealous too. :) We had one plant and only got one pumpkin but it is cute. Love the pics and those mini pumpkins and gourds are so cute.

Louise Titi

These are wonderful !!


Sherelle, these look great! Do you have any pumpkin growing tips? I've grown little pumpkins for the last 2 years and always get these long little blue bugs in my garden. Yuck!! I've almost given up on growing them, but your post made me realize I would like to try again :)

Jeanne Miller

It is my dream to grow pumpkins and gourds...

Robyn Farm Wife from Idaho

SO fun and I'm jealous - I planted lots of varieties and seeds and only got about 10 pumpkins, etc...total!
These are GREAT!

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