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October 04, 2010


Kristy Bialas

My favorite time of year. A bit sad this year because I couldn't drive truck due to the fact that I had three kids involved in 3 different sports. With practices and games every night there was no way to make it all work. I missed being in the fields and the dirt and wondering at the beauty of it all.

Heather I.

I am so happy you shared this post! I live in S. Florida and it's so easy (and SO SAD) to forget the hardworking farmers out there doing all that hard work to bring us all the wholesome goodness we feed our families!! Amazing pictures - ALWAYS.

Belinda Webster

That was so interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Sherelle, I've lived in SE Idaho for probably as long as you've been alive, and in most of those years, I've been AWARE of potato harvest, AWARE of the spud cellars, AWARE (and deeply envious) of the two weeks that Shelley and Firth kids get off for harvest, but never have I gained as much understanding of the whole thing as I just did reading through this. I feel like I learned some pretty important stuff about "home" today. Thank you!


I loved this post! It was so interesting to learn more about potato harvest and how it works. I love learning about things so outside my understanding! The best picture of all is the amount of potato's in the cellar. Mind boggling. Does it take all year working on spuds or does your hubby work on other stuff daily?

Jeanne Miller

That was so neat to read, but I couldn't help wonder if anyone has allergies. My neighbor and I had the craziest itchy,watery eyes the past 2-3 weeks. (I got some drops from the optometrist thankfully when I went in to get new glasses.) I can't imagine being in the thick of it. I was stealing my son's allergy medicine too so I could keep from ripping pieces of my face off!! I was so glad we got rain today!

Shelly B.

I totally thought of you on all those gorgeous days when I knew you guys were harvesting! So glad you had good weather! I especially love reading your blog this time of year!

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