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October 05, 2010


Sarah H.

What a blessed life! I love all the insight you have given us with your spud posts! We grew potatoes in our garden this year, and my kids had so much fun digging up our little harvest! They tasted extra good too. I love all your pics as usual. Thanks for sharing with us!
Oh, and all my friends have been asking me to or making your pumpkin chocolate chip cookies lately! You're a hit down here in Georgia! :)


What great life lessons for your kids - hard work and cooperation. Things that some kids never learn! School is no match for what the farm kids learn. We all should be so lucky!


Hi Sherelle! This is one of my most favorite posts of the year too! I look forward to seeing your harvest each year. Thanks so much for sharing...awesome job and awesome family!!! Your littlest one is absolutely the cutest up there decorating those hamburgers!!


Started reading your blog one year ago at potato harvest time. I was totally fascinated. My husband and I are "city folk" and always have been. I made him look last year at my computer just to see you fantastic pics and read and learn about a potato harvest. Your family is simply beautiful. I don't know what else to say about them they are so wonderful. The icing on the cake however, was when I read your blog about designing the Melissa Frances kitchen paper. That is my favorite release ever. You are truly a multi-talented person. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures, interesting information and sharing your family with all of us who read your blog on a regular basis.


MMMM, what was that noodle stuff? It looks so good!
You are raising some hard workers- I think it's wonderful. That's one of those priceless commercials, especially with all the family fun!

Hollie Arfmann

I love your post about spud harvest. I grew up on a potato farm and all the pictures bring back a lot of memories. I can almost smell that spud dirt. What a fun life for your kids, they will remember it forever. One thing is for sure, your spud harvest food looks much better than what we ate :) Take care


Such a delight to see all your wonderful pics...it all looks like such fun too! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Bonnie x


Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of these wonderful photos as well as the explanation of the entire potato harvest. It really is fascinating to see and read as I live in one of the largest cities in the country.

One question for you ~ if you don't have a potato cellar, what is the best way to keep potatoes fresh at home?


I am usually a lurker because I LOVE your photography - You are so incredibly talented and your kids are the cutest ever!!!
But I had to comment because I live over in Meridian. I have lived in Idaho over 20 years (California Transplant) and in all those years I never, ever knew how Potatoes were harvested - neither did my husband so we both had great fun looking at these two posts!
It is very interesting - I know it is a tremendous amount of work but making it a family affair makes it all look so fun!
You are SO blessed!!


I also look forward to this post every year! Thanks for sharing. I think you need to write a book on how to be a farmer's wife. I would love to move out of the city and buy a big farm, but I don't know the first thing about farming, gardening, canning, etc. But I think you could teach me, Sherelle! Where do I need to send my resume? I would be a hard worker, pinky promise!


I was so happy to see your Potato Harvest Part 1 ... but I was very very excited to see part 2 all about the food!
I look forward to these posts each year, I love seeing how you guys get it all done.
Its great for your kids to be part of it all. Thanks for sharing it Sherelle.


Oh my gosh that's alot of work.... how long has your family been doing this??? Need any help ;)

Robyn Farm Wife from Idaho

One of my very favorite smells in the whole world is that of a potato cellar. I've asked Steven before if we could rent a cellar just so I could store my garden stuff and drop by and sit in the dang thing to smell it......yea right!

Gina H.

I love your pictures! It's interesting to see the whole process, and of course seeing your beautiful family doesn't hurt either! I just had freshly dug potatoes for the first time this year, I LOVE them!

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