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October 26, 2010


Jennifer Barnes

Okay I am going to beg my daughter to see if she would wear a dress like that. That is so darn cute! Do you have a tutorial for the flowers that you've seen? Love it.


Now if I only had daughters! Adorable dresses. Oh but please don't forget to post the recipe for the sour dough starter and how to keep it. Love your recipes. Tried the amish white bread. It was pretty good. I was sursprised how long it stayed soft. Most white bread recipes if you don't eat them right away they turn into brick, but not this recipe.

denise young

ADORABLE!!! How do you make the bows? They are fantastic!

Jeanne Miller

I really must try this for some of those shirts that just aren't long enough on my long torso'd girls.


So cute! Makes me sad that I can't make dresses for my girls any more, they are in the 30's! :)
I used to sew all of their clothes, including prom dresses and bridal gowns.


Adorable dresses and even cuter girls!!
Love the hair accessories to match!! Very, very cute! Thanks for sharing.


love it!!

Shauna Thompson

SEW cute!!!!


Oh my heck! Serious? You are so good! Thanks, i'll try it, free is even better!! :)

lori jolley

I seriously want a dress like those! Since I'm in nursery now I can't wear so many of my nicer dresses - this would be great and cute! Love them a lot!

Robyn Longhurst

CUTE, as always, Sherelle!


Adorable! I love them! Do you use a Sizzix dye cutter for the bows? I can't find a dye in that shape anywhere!

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