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October 14, 2010



It looks like your handsome some sure has fun with his grandpa! In his "fish gut" picture, the t shirt he is wearing is from Winefred Lake Lodge - I grew up about 1.5 hours from there and have many wonderful memories of fishing up in that area with my dad and brothers. What a wonderful way to raise your children - if only all kids could experience the outdoors like that! I love your blog and all your pictures. You are an inspiration to me to carry my camera even when we are doing everyday things.


I can eat that fish with lemon and salt right now!!! yum!


Hey Sherelle, Your Father and Russ are so lucky to have this time together. I think it's wonderful that your Father has a grandson to share his love of fishing and hunting with. We have two sons and my husband is a avid fisherman and hunts occasionally. Neither of our sons are interested. Maybe my husband will have a grandson to take along with him someday. And by the way your father takes Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

ana roat

Kudos to you for posting about hunting and fishing! Not only is this an american tradition but a great way to teach kids how to provide for themselves and eventually their families. My husband grew up in Red Lodge, MT and like your son, he learned both skills at an early age. Although they were beef ranchers, they depended on venison for food and the family motto was always "waste not, want not." If they weren't able to use everything, there were plenty of hands, neighbors and kin to share with. Your boy is sweet and your girls darling. Thanks for sharing the "good life" with us Sherelle!


Your dad is a really good photographer! I love his pictures. (You must be a chip off of his old block. ;))

Erica Steffler

Oh Sherelle, wait until I tell Justin that his little cousin has already got a deer and he hasn't yet lol. He's already been a few times and hasn't gotten anything(even Trevor did). I'm SO glad you showed me this so I can make fun of him!


Your Dad and son are lucky to have each other! What fun for them!

Becky Garling

You should try to grill some shish-kabobs with that dove meat. They are fantastic! Just marinate the dove meat in italian dressing and pile on the veggies/ little pots on a stick. YUMMY!

Robyn Longhurst

That's so fun for them both! We have had all kinds of hunters stopping and calling to hunt on our farms...even the ones right in town...not something I'm familiar with but totally respect the hobby-interest of so many men. P.S. I will admit to being thankful I'm not a hunting widow this time of year.

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