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September 12, 2010



I am a blushing blogstalker. I probably should have asked to add yours before I did (sorry:}). No there is no problem to add mine. It is just random imperfect ramblings of my day but I'm hoping at least it is a record. Just pray all the english teachers out there will take it easy on me. I LOVE your work and Love the inspiration I get from my hobby of blogstalking.


Beautiful country out there where you live!! Your son really does look very, very proud to be there with his Daddy! Beautiful pic of the two of you!

Alison Behan

That yellow tractor is a MONSTER of a yoke! I love that your kids have such a love of the outdoors, I wish ours did :-(. All they see is rain here in Ireland :-(


Your son loves as proud as pumpkin pie to be in that tractor. :)

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