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September 08, 2010



Love your recipe book! Would so much like to get my recipes scrapped! Love those papers and misc that go with them!

cindy b.

I absolutely love these !!!!! Can't wait to make some recipe books for gifts...thanks so much for sharing Sherelle.

Carolee Jones

oh my goodness.. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE this set, I've been looking for a way to creativly make a family cookbook & this is exactly what I need!
Hugs, for a great day!

Carrie Greenlaw

♥ One of the cutest and and by far my favorite paper line in forever!!! I love the chicken, teapot, and your rub-ons are amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! ♥

Danielle Farley

I love this line! So cute, such a great job!


Oh my goodness, this is precious! Congratulations! I wish it was digital, too! :)

Kelli Robbins

Hey Sherelle I have been told about your blog and had to get on and check it out. Man, you are one talented women. I love the scrapbooking stuff. Does any of this stuff come in digital? You did awesome.


The line is just beautiful - and I can totally see it coming out of your home! It would be so much fun to create an album using some of the pictures I've taken this summer as I preserved summer's goodness. And it would make a perfect gift too! Thank you so much for sharing the line - and your creative ideas.

P.S. I love the farming part of your blog - near and dear to my heart!

Sarah H>

This is absolutely adorable! I have to have it! (not the giveaway, but the line!) What a wonderful line, and so representative of your loves. Can't wait to find them and get going. I need to make a recipe binder for a circle recipe journal I was in. These will be perfect. Beautiful job, Sherelle.

Kara P.

You certainly have an eye for design. This collection drew me in immediately with the colors and graphics. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

Traci Severson

be still my kitschy retro heart....what goodness is this that abounds? holy guacamole it's scrumptious. i have visions in my head of how i can use this goodness. i adore your blog and your sweet reflections of your life and your family. you are truly blessed. thank you also for the recipes that you have put on your site....i can't wait to try them.

Gloria Elswood

Love this collection. I hope I am not too late to enter. I have been looking for years for something just like this to use for a family heritage recipe collection for Christmas gifts. Thanks for all your hard work.


Wow, you are amazing! This stuff is so cute. Have a wonderful Fall!


love this! it's just perfect!

Bethany E.

Love this line...it's so perfect and vintage! Thanks for the giveaway! :D


I love your vintage line !

I ordered on line some of your kitchy kitchen products at Blue Moon. I did it on Friday and I had today. So fast and soooooo great. I love all the line. You should design it for plates, glasses..you can see we are all fan of your line. I would love also to frame a poster for my kitchen. Do you print posters?

As always, Sherelle, you inspire me!

Account Deleted

Thanks for the excuse to finally send you a message. Somehow I stumbled across your blog a few months ago and have been an avid reader ever since. I love that you share many of your special moments with us. And, I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets inspired about life after reading your posts. I love your new line. We also have chickens. The farm fresh eggs items especially caught my attention.

marion estes

This is wonderful! I love your blog and have been a llurker for several years... You have the most beautiful children and I so admire the way you are raising them. They always look so happy helping you in the kitchen and in the garden and with the animals! My mother somehow missed the lesson about making it fun and except for the animals (which I loved) I hated working in the kitchen and garden as a child. That all changed the day I had a kitchen and garden of my own. We lived in a small town and as soon as we had children we knew we needed to live in the country. We moved to a small farm and had our own little "farm" where we raised chickens, goats(for milk), a couple of pigs, a pony, rabbits, well you get the idea. We also had a huge garden and I learned to can and freeze. What a wonderful feeling that I could provide food for my family not just in the summer and fall, but all year long. I used to go to the canning shelves in the basement and just stand there and look and be so proud. I would love to have this prize so I could record all of those precious memories and recipes. Thanks for doing this...


My oldest daughter will be going to college in two short years and I have been collecting recipes for a cookbook she can take with her when she leaves for school. I was deciding which *style* cookbook I wanted to make and now I know the Kitschy Kitchen collection is it! You are very talented and I love reading your blog posts. :)


Wow Sherelle - you did a great job. I love this line. And I love what you wrote about living where you do. I'm a suburb dweller, but I long for the hard working but "more simple" country life. And what I mean by "more simple" is, without traffic or stress of working 8-5 and not having time for my family. Thanks for giving me a taste of it through your blog!

Gina H.

I have LOVED this line ever since I saw a sneak peek of it! How cool to have a chance to win!

betty lou

What an absolutely darlin' collection! Love the 'kitschy'ness of it all...colors, patterns, images! I'm in need of this, as my recipe box just recently fell apart, and I'm trying to decide what to do! Thanks for the chance to win!

Danielle Flanders

Seriously, I don't know how you do it all, Sherelle!! Creating the line for MF, scrapbooking, taking care of your family, canning and farming and taking your children to their things, and photography. wow. I'm simply amazed by you, girly!!

mummakat- Kathi Pilar

So cute. I would love to do one of these albums for my son who will be moving out on his own soon.


Oh my I can think of many ways to use this line.....gotta find it in the stores for sure.

melanie s

I love this line. I love to cook. What a perfect match for me.

Debbie Hutchinson

NOBODY...I mean NOBODY does it better!!! This line is amazing and I WANT IT!!! I'm 51 and it reminds of when I was a kid. I love the homey feeling that it gives me.

Tiffany Johnson

Way too cute! That is so exciting! You're such a talented girl!


Oh my goodness Sherelle!
I love, love love this collection! It is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing :)


How beautiful!!! I love it. I would love to win one of those sets. I've been taking pictures all summer of my daughters garden and everything we get out of it and what we make with it. I'm wanting to make her a recipe book with those pictures. Thank you for the chance to win your beautiful line. =)


Love the line. I am currently working with it to come up with gifts for my daughters next meet-up for her mom's group where they will be swapping recipes!

Gini Cagle

I love this line - you did a fabulous job creating it!


New to your blog, and I just love it!! Such an exciting give-away!!

Alison Behan

I just had to take a seat because I found myself hyperventilating! LOL. O-M-G!! It's no wonder sometimes your blog gets a little quiet! I've finally talked my Mum into writing all the family recipes down so I can do cute little recipe books for my two nieces and my own daughter when they move out into their own place. LOL, my daughter is only 8 right now and my nieces 18 & 17 but now is the time for my Mum to record all the links to our family. Too many people are left looking at photos looking at each other saying "who is that?". I'm takin' the bull by the horns with this one, I tell 'ya! :-)

Thanks Sherelle for a wonderful giveaway! If I win, I'll pay for the shipping and if I don't please post a link to where you can buy them online as I doubt if I will ever get to see them here in Ireland :-( We don't have any scrapbooking stores except one that is online and doesn't stock the stuff that I like, but have VISA - can shop :-). Woohoooooooooooooooooo!!!

P.S. Is there any chance that you are going to do more rub ons with generic Christmas sayings?? The ones that MF has include holidays that we Europeans don't celebrate :-( also how about some cute stamps???? no pressure, of course ;-)

MaryRuth Francks

Looove them! So cute!! Any chance these will ever be available in digital?


I love this kitschy kitchen kit. A lovely way to collect your favorit recepies.


Wow wow wow!
This is just too adorable!
I love this line and cross my fingers I will be one of the lucky winners:)
Thanks for all inspiration and great blogging:)
Big hugs from Kristine in Norway


I love this collection! You are so talented! I always admire your photos documenting your life! I am from Europe, from Czech Republic and I love all the Melissa Frances products, but it is so difficult to buy it here. Thank you for sharing! Veronika


You are so talented! Love it all!

Jessica Fick

Oh my gosh - everything you've designed is a pure delight to the eyes! The colors, the textures, the patterns, the fonts and your gorgeous handwriting - it's all a dream! I can't wait to get my hands on all of it and start creating! Your blog is a delight as well as your designs!


Sherelle you are such a talented woman! I love this Kitsy Kitchen line and can't seem to get enough of it. I haven't seen the rub-ons in any of the stores around here? The entire line is darling! Thanks :)

Paula G

What a delightful scrapbook line! You are so talented!!!

Jen P.

Everything turned out lovely~you should be proud! Fabulous job!

Ronna Elswood

Love it. These will make my favorite recipes look good.


Sherelle, this is SO gorgeous!! How do you ever manage to do it all? ... wife, mother, scrapbooker, gardener, photographer...so glad you do! I love coming to your cozy little home on the web and being inspired :)

Jessie Lathroum

Way to go Sherelle!!!!! This is SO fun! You must share more of your designs!


I leave comments and then they do not show up when I check a few days later. Anyhow, I will try again. I love this line and have already bought some of it, but couldnt find it all so thanks for the website info. I am going to make a recipe album for my daughter in-law to be. She wants a retro kitchen so this line is perfect. Thanks for the chance to win!

shelly P

It is a beautiful collection. Love the soft colors! I have the stamp set you designed with all of the different holiday sentiments, I love this set and use it often! Keep designing.....:)


Very cute stuff. I hope I win! :)


Congrats! I love the line you designed! You should be proud of the great job you did. I'm excited for a chance to win and I hope to see it in my local craftstore, too!

Debbie Miramontes

I am always impressed and will be purchasing some whether I am selected or not. Great job


Thank you for giving us a chance to win this wonderful kit, I love it, and love everything that you have made with it.

Darlene D'Eon

Wow, what an awesome RAK!! I've actually been wanting to do one of these with our family favs. Thanks!

Alysia C.

I don't know how you do it all...do you sleep at night? You are amazing!!


Love this! You are so talented! I would love to put together a cookbook with family recipes using this line.

Cindy B.

Love, love, love it !!!!! You've been a very busy girl...don't know how you do it all. I would LOVE to have this collection. Thanks for sharing!


Cute! Your talent shines in this line. I hope there will be more to drool over soon.


Oh, I would (((LOVE))) to use these!


I regularly read your blog since over a year now - found it through the Melissa Frances blog and it's amazing for me to see your first own line! wonderfull sherelle!!!

I saw it some weeks ago at the MF website and immediately fall in love with it - didn't know it was made by you. i am so excited!!!

Lisa C

Congratulations! I have always loved your style. Thanks for your hard work to put this together and I hope you have more lines planned for the future. Something spring, maybe?! Love, love, love this one and cant wait to use it! Every bit of it looks great and fun. Thanks for doing a giveaway..good luck all!

Jodi K.

Great Job! I love the colors and the vintage feel. I can see why this project was so special to you. You are so creative!

Marie L

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous stuff. I love the new line. You are so talented.

Dawn Oberholtz

Ow my goodness!! It is all simply amazing!! I want it all sooooo bad! You did an amazing job!!! I want to win! :0) Dawn O.


Wow! Love your creations! This is just what I've been trying to create for our family cookbook. Been collecting family recipes for years to make it.
You inspire me!


OMG -this line is awesome :)
well done Sherelle!!!
hope I will be able to get it here too (Austalia)

BTW- love love love your blog !!!!

Lindsey Martins

Adorable, Sherelle! I'm proud of you-you did an awesome job! Congrats!

Brooke T

Would love to have these - I really need to organize my recipes! Especially with a family of 7! love looking at your blog.


Congrats on your first line. I love it all!!! I adore anything vintage and this line is adorable. Thanks for the chance to win!


YAY! I've always loved your style!
As a young women leader, I'm working on my own personal progress and one of my project ideas was actually organizing my recipes in some way. This is the perfect kit for collecting them all and making them look cute. (wishing my handwriting was as cute as yours, too) I already clicked on the link to buy, not realizing it's not quite on sale yet! Can't wait!


I am SO LOVING this! It's adorable!

Mary F.

Congrats on your beautiful products! I love them all. Would be so much fun to start creating with them.


Your new line is really adorable! I love it. I don't know how you come up with it all but I am glad you did. thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us!

Jill Scott

Super, super, super cute. I love it. Any chance that you'll be putting the same supplies out in a digi format? I've been digiscrapping my recipes for a few years now, and I'm not about to stop. The album would make such a cute gift, don't you think?


You've outdone yourself! It's truly adorable. I'm glad you told us where to find it.

Amber U

I love these and would love to have an album. I am not a scrapbooker, but I love to cook!


Looks Great!! I've been looking for something like this for a while!! Great Job


Had no idea you're were doing all this creating...thought you just took beautiful pictures of your beautiful children.


I absolutely LOVE this line!!!!! I am almost done with my kitchen renovations and I know these products will inspire me to do lots of fun projects...especially for the holidays around the corner.
So I pray is me!!!!

Hugs :)


I'm lovin this line so much that I had to add to your gazillion already comments. I would love to win some of this vintage kitschy stuff. I have been a blog lurker and admirer of your scrapbooking style and I'm so happy you're designing more for Melissa Frances. Very impressive Sherelle. By the way this is the first comment I have ever made on a blog;0

Bethany Bunker

So cute!! Wonderful garden too! You amaze me.


What a delightful collection! Love it all! Thanks for doing the giveaway.

Jaclyn Rench

It's SO fun to see scrapbook pages from you again! LOVE your new line! Congrats! :)


So cute, Sherelle! I love all the paper - the designs are adorable. And as always your handwriting rub-ons are great! Thanks for the chance to win!


This is the CUTEST! Love the vintage! Cannot imagine how you have time to do all you do!

Colleen D.

Wow! What an acomplishment! I love the line and the rub-ons are so cute! Wonderful job!!

Heather B

Oh my goodness - so adorable!

You are a wonder woman - I am so inspired by all that you do!

Thanks for the chance to win!


I read once on your blog that you like to keep busy... wow running a farm, raiing 4 babes AND all this. You Rock. I love the collection.


WOW..I love every bit of it! The line blows me away and your samples are spectacular!

The mini recipe books would make great christmas gifts.

Thanks for sharing!


I just LOVE this line! I have been waiting for something just like this to preserve my Grandma's recipes. These designs are just beautiful! You should be very proud.

Katie Wessels

Oh Sherelle....this line is sooooo cute! I can imagine endless possibilities! I was just starting to try and find papers for a recipe album to make for a friend for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!! You are so incredibly talented!!!


Simply beautiful. I love it.

Cheryl P.

LOVE IT ALL! Oh my! Thank you for a chance to win this! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that I'm the LUCKY one!! ;>) Love your blog!

Lisa Henry

These are just the cutest! I have a new Japanese daughter in law and want to help her learn our way of cooking to help her feel more connected to our family and your things will add just the special touch I was looking for! Thanks for your creativity!

Amanda Z.

Congrats on such a cute line! I want two of everything, will have to look at the online sellers for this line.


This is gorgeous!!! Congrats on such an impressive accomplishment! I would LOVE to get my hands on this adorable line!!

Best Wishes to you and your family!



I think I am in love!! I need to redo my recipe album and I have found the line to use!!!

Your designs rock!

Thanks for the chance to win...

Shellie Hartsock

Oh my! Love, love, love! I have been wanting to make a recipe album for my daughter of favorite family recipes and this would be perfect.


Wow what a wonderful collection, you have done a fabulous job.Thanks for sharing it and for doing a give away. You and your family are an insperation.

Erin Turley

I could have walked into a scrapbook store with thousands of products and picked this out as yours!!! It is soooo fabulous & soooo Sherelle!!! I absolutely LOVE it & can't wait to get my hands on it (hint, hint!) I just had a flashback of the ScrapCoop - your Mom would have been selling this by the case loads! She was always so proud of anything you did! As always everything you do is amazing! congratulations!

Jackie P

Congratulations, what a wonderful collection. I have really missed your scrapbooking, although I adore your photographs, it's nice to see other aspects of your talents.

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