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September 24, 2010



How adorable she is!


SO cute and I cannot believe she is 4 already!
On a funny note, my 'baby' used to say everything was "last-erday" meaning anything in the past... and I miss him
saying that! They grow up too fast!


Happy birthday to Kate! she is a beautiful girl, congrats!

Cheryl P.

Happy Birthday Kate! ~~~~ Such a doll! I wish my little one was still a 4 yr. old. (now 11 yrs.) How time does fly by. I enjoy your blog. Love, Love, Love all your sweet pictures!
Have a great week! (I am, going to try to get lots of scrapbooking done!;>)

Alison Behan

Well, Happy Birthday to YOU, Miss Kate, you gorgeous little ball of pink goodness :-)! We hope you have a super, wonderful, F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C day :-).

Can you hear us singing to you?? Shhhhhh, listen very closely.............closer..... well, we are in Ireland! LOL.

Ali B


She is just adorable!!! Happy, Happy Birthday Kate!!


Beautiful pictures as usual...:) She definately has a lot of the Russell side in her!

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