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August 14, 2010



I love looking at your harvest pictures. Brings back so many memories. I grew up with Lisa torturing Kaylynn and Sandi, I live in the city now so I love seeing the fields, the "slide" the canal etc. all the things that we enjoyed as kids. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life for my memories. David was very small when I went to college so very few memories of him but Russell looks just like he did! Beautiful family.


Love checking out your blog, and your beautiful family! Plus your gorgeous pictures! I don't know how you find the time. I have to know, what are root beer float cookies, and will you post the recipe? They sound yummy! :)


Ooh Im so happy to see more pictures!! Thanks :)
I would love to see pictures of all you do on a regular day during this busy time of year.
Hugs :)


I love your first picture, it's beautiful. And your son looks so tiny next to that huge whatever it is!
Thanks for the extra info on wheat a week or so ago. I kind of live vicariously through your blog as well, and I am sure you do way more than I do in a couple of weeks!


The kids are growing up so fast too! You are amazing and inspirational with all you manage to accomplish in a day!! I love your blog too and miss it but certainly understand when you are too busy to post!! I'm looking forward to my favorite season of all too...Fall!!


Good gracious, Sherelle! You probably do more in an hour than I do all day! :) Well, not really, but you make me feel very lazy! I only have one daughter, and I live in house with a smallish backyard, so I don't grow anything at all. Sometimes I live vicariously through your blog. And if I had a son, I would want him to look exactly like Russell. He is too cute for words! Take care!


Dear Sherelle, this is "my" third grain harvest with you, year after year I see your beautiful family growing, besides mine, and you are like a part of my family, like a close friend, I love your blog so much that I can't stop watching it day by day.
Like you I live in the country, the grain harvest is almost done here and the noise of the machine is every evening, every night when the weather is friendly for the farmers, I like this time of the year because it announces my favorite season, Fall, I love to smell the tree leaves it is magical.
Hugs from Belgium !

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