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August 25, 2010



Ok, now I want to know how those tomatoes look so pretty in the jar? did you take that picture before you processed them. LOL. mine float to the top...


I would love the pickle recipe too...I printed all the tomato recipes you had posted..thanks so much for sharing..


you are so awesome, we can too but not in the quantities that you do, but I remember the days that I did. thank you for sharing with all of us, God bless you!!!


can I just say... you're my hero :)

Megan Beth

I have read your blog for several months and it seems as though you do quite a bit of canning! Where do you store all those jars? I imagine that you have a large food storage area and I would LOVE to get a glimpse at it and any tips you have for food storage! Possibly a future post?


Those Pictures = Happy Place


Dear Sherelle: How do you use your stewed tomatoes?


Yummy, that all looks so good, I want a garden so bad, hopefully next house I'll have one!

Louise Titi

Mmmmmh those pickles looks so good !
May we have the recipe ? I'd love to !

I can't wait to see them back to school (in one week here)! They are ready, and verything is ready too !

Jill Scott

Sherelle, I would love your recipe for canning pickles and stewed tomatoes. Maybe you could post it after fall harvest? Or January? Please?


I'm tired just thinking of all that you didi today! Good for you! Love this set of shots!


Who would have thought pickles and stewed tomatoes were so photogenic? Besides you, of course. But turns out, they are! Great shots...magazine worthy!

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