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August 16, 2010



Sherelle...you don't know me from Adam but I just love the photo's you post. You are a talented photographer, writer, Mother, cook, Farmer, etc. I love to see your way of life. Mine is nothing like it. I live in CA. in the valley. My children are grown (almost 19 and 21)
Your children are darling and all look so happy. Thanks again for sharing your blog, I really enjoy it.


I love pics of your garden - I'm amazed at how great everything looks! Any tips you want to share on organizing/growing? :)

The kids look like they are having a blast. Love the pic of Shelby playing with the yard in the background.

The Lady of the House

Hey Sherelle - it's been forever since I've dropped by here. Your blog always makes me smile.

The dog in the boat was hysterical!

Sounds like a lovely summer and another beautiful garden.
God Bless, The Lady of the House

Jeanne of bichonpawz

I just love looking at all your terrific pictures of family fun Sherelle! Beautiful, precious times!!

Debbie Miramontes

Nothing more precious than a picture of a dad playing with his kids!

Mommas Soapbox

Thanks for the dill pickle reminder...Only I need to go buy mine to put up!
Looks like a great summer!

Shelly B.

Whew! Sounds busy and fun! I love reading your blog especially at this time of year. You seem to be in your element when harvest time comes around...not just the grain and the potatoes, but your garden too!


Love all the pics! Loving the story of the all boy kitties, sooo cute!!!
Hugs :)

alicia king

what a busy summer! perfect find on that new scale you have! holy crap that's a lot of kitties :)

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