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August 19, 2010



She is blessed!!! To have you as a mom! I love to peek in on your blog from time to time as I adore your photos. This beautiful writing brought huge salty tears. My babes are all grown up and my own mom left this earth years ago. I am just so touched by you really loving and living and devotedly documenting all of your precious little lives!

heather garl

Happy Birthday Grace!
Sherelle I love to visit your blog and I'm so inspired by your beautiful pictures and lifestyle. I have four growing girls and your description of your daughter makes me feel like I know her....just beautiful!


she is just amazing sherelle :)

Jaclyn Dunford

I've never left a comment on your blog, but I've been following for a few years. Your Grace is absolutely beautiful. She sounds incredibly sweet and is obviously very talented. Happy Birthday!


What a beautiful, sweet girl and ya know she wouldn't be that way without such a great mom!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE ! You are beautiful and so kind, so precious for your parents and your family, don't change you are so cute ! Valerie


She is an awesome little lady


Happy Birthday to you, Grace! She sounds like an amazing girl, and she is very pretty...a future model for sure!!

Ashley Hanson

haha wow. so number #13 made me cry. thanks sherelle. and your not biased, she is for a fact gorgeous.

alicia king

Happy Birthday to her! She is beautiful!


Breithl√° Sona Duit! (pronounced: Breh-law huna dit) from Ireland.

Wishing you HUGE Birthday wishes from Dublin :-) We hope you have a super, great, fantastic, special day. You surely deserve it after reading what your Mom wrote about you!


Happy Birthday Grace!! We love her too and yes she is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of the pics but the last few are my favorite...even though Grace doesn't show that side of herself too often it really is her personality and we love it! What are you guys doing next weekend??


Happy Birthday Grace!!!! May God bring you happiness, health, love and 100 years of joy with your beautiful family.

hugs :)


She really IS beautiful!!! This photo tribute is wonderful and she will treasure your blog one day!!Happy Birthday to your baby girl...and she will always be your baby girl! Congratulations to her on all of her accomplishments at the tender age of nine!!

Ellen Patton

happy birthday to amazing grace!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

She's gorgeous, Sherelle! Totally gorgeous. :)

Happy birthday, Grace! Hope your day is completely fun and that this next year is your best one yet!



Hi! Happy B day Grace! And mom for many nice things and wonderful kids


Happy Birthday to your girl! They grow up too fast, don't they?! She is gorgeous and sounds like a total sweetheart!


I could read it in your post and yes she is beautiful! And you are a proud and happy mother. Congratulations with your daughters birthday!


Well, I'm not her mom, and I think she's beautiful too! :)

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