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August 26, 2010



you should move the 4 cups white vinegar to the next line. I have never done pickles before and didn't see the vinegar. I made a lot of pickles with no vinegar.
I hope I can add the vinegar and do them over I just did them last night.


Hi I just made these pickles. I made spears and very thin slices. The fresh dill smells so good. Thanks for posting. If I think of it I will comment in a few weeks on the taste.


Oops! I meant to write that to Sarah, not Sherelle. Sorry!



Since this was your first time canning I was wondering if you remembered to use a canning rack or at least a clean folded towel under your jars? I was thinking that perhaps that is why the jars may have broken?


Do you ever make this recipe with spears instead of slices?
Think it would work ok?


Do these stay crispy?


Sarah...I am so sorry to hear this happened! I want you to know that it is normal, and has happened to me before. Sometimes jars have weak points, and they break under all of the pressure of boiling. It shouldnt effect your other jars as long as you let them finish processing. Ive had this same thing happen to me five or six times over the years, so dont worry too much about it.

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Hi Sherelle, I made your dill pickles today - it was my very first attempt at canning anything in my life. Everything went well until the water bath, when the bottoms split off of my jars and ruined the batch. (I only made 3 jars, as that was the amount of cukes I had). Any insight into why that may have happened? Many thanks - Sarah


How many jars does this recipe yeild?

Christine Stegemann

my mom says adding a fresh grape leaf really crisps them up


Do these pickles come out crispy like the store-bought type? Thanks for sharing :)


Can't wait for the stewed tomatoes recipe! Hoping to do some this week. Thanks so much!!

Robyn Longhurst

YOU'RE the woman!!!! Keep sharing-we all appreciate it....even those of us who are kitchen/canning challenged.....

Amie Snow

Oh yeah! I was thinking of asking you for this recipe but someone did it for me! Love your blog so much!

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