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July 08, 2010


alicia king

your garden looks awesome!

Kristy Bialas

I laughed at the "therapeutic weeding session"--you hit that right on the nose. Sometimes I head out to the garden in the middle of the day for the same reason. I used to make my kids weed with me and now I like to do it myself.


I really love the pictures you took in the garden! Kate is such a lil cutie!! Love that last one where you took the pic from behind!

Shauna Thompson

I too have little "theraputic sessions" out in my garden. Something about watering and weeding mixed with the calming breeze just makes everything better. And yes I too get visitors trickling out to visit and help. I have loved our conversations out in the yard as we work together.

LOVE your pictures and their editing!

Robyn Longhurst

It's my favorite time of the day, too...I need like 10 hours of evening....


Kate looks like she's a great helper!

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