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June 13, 2010


Katie Nicoll

Those are lovely chicken coops! If I were one of the chickens living in there, I will surely lay a hundred eggs a day for you! LOL! No but seriously, it looks charming and it fairly looks like a farmhouse to me. =]

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Very nicely done. As an architect I must compliment you on the design of your chicken coop. You must have the luckiest chickens.


can we see some pics of the inside? that is great!!!!! i have 2 flocks i would love to have something this nice.

Jordan Flight 45

It is not miserable to be blind; it is miserable to be incapable of en-during blindness.


Just found your blog, and I just love it! That coop, is WOW! I want to live in it:0) VERY CUTE~


Oh my goodness! I want chickens so bad, and this is chicken coop goodness at its best! My husband is a master at doing it himself as well, so I appreciate your honey doing this for you. The chicken vane on top is just perfect! And I love your chicken pics too.

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Wow! Sugoi!(amazing!). This is a huge chicken coop compare to mine. You really have the budget to build one like this. How cute! I loved it.

Katie Piotrowksi

OMG! That is the cutest darn chicken coupe I've ever seen! LOVE your windows and flower boxes and the weather vane is a perfect finishing touch. I was excited when we moved 'cause we now have a chicken coupe...but it's not even near as nice as your old one! lol Now for the chickens!!!


woohoo...really became the chicken mansion...like it!


wow it's amazing ! I like that ! This is beautiful congrats to your husband !




It's amazing! Love it so much!!


It's fabulous!!! I wish my husband had that ability! I love it and it does brighten up your yard, I love the windows and flower boxes!!!


I understand exactly what you are saying! My husband is the very same way!! He does all the work himself! It's so great! I can tell him what I would like him to build...and he just figures out how to do it and up it goes! LOVE your new Chicken Mansion!! It looks terrific! What a wonderful job you both did!!


So cute!!

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