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June 19, 2010



Hi read you wash your eggs my Son uses a special rinse and wipe from a farm store, to protect the egg should not wash with plain water makes them spoil they say.


need help my son has a few chickens they are range in a fenced area but they seem to pick the feathers off the tail end, and look terrible what can be done do you know ? appreciate a reply.or post love your site!!!


A friend at our old church who raised laying and meat chickens said that you shouldn't wash them. They have a natural anti-bacterial coating. Just some food for thought you could look into. Save you some washing time :)

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Yes Eating eggs is very beneficial for our body. because it contains protein. It is protein riched food. Always make half omlet.
that is more beneficial. thanks for sharing
this pics of eggs.



My neighbor lady brings hers to our weight loss group at church each Sat a.m. - a few dozen at a time and sells them for like $2 a doz and you have to be QUICK to get them. She then puts the money into a jar and saves it up for something fun for the kids (who retrieve the eggs for her daily) and it is such a win-win for everyone!


Oh man! My Kayden bought Chickens with his birthday money. My husband just got done finishing the chicken coop. So the eggs are sure to follow soon. What do you do with all of them? Seriously?!
The idea of selling them is not a bad idea, earn a little extra money would be a great idea for an 8 year old.
I LOVE all your blooming flowers. Those bleeding hearts are my favorite.
Also, LOVE your chicken coop.


My young son used some of our eggs to sell to make some money for his bank. It works well!


Fresh Eggs are the BEST! Store bought just do not compare!!

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