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February 16, 2010


Brandon Roberts

My mom has been wanting to make good potato cubes for a really long time now. I tried this recipe out, and they were delicious. The Parmesan cheese really added to the flavor. I will have to tell my mom about this website! She is going to be thrilled about this. Thanks a ton. You were a huge help.

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I like the potatoes because contain protein and many properties that help us to create too much energy and this is the main reason why we need to eat it.

Julie GM

I just made these the other day! My family eats 'em up! I would love to see new recipes!



Stacey Kingman

I have these in the oven right this minute. Thanks for posting the recipe!


mmmm, sounds good! we've been having lots of cubed potatoes for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner too! and cute Valentine's!


Oooh! Sounds great!


I was so excited to see this recipe! I made them last night. My hubby loves potato dishes and these turned out great. I didn't have the ranch packet, but a fiesta ranch instead. It gave the dish a bit of a mexican flare. They turned out great! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog and your beautiful family:)


This sounds SO yum and I am always looking for a quick n easy recipe! Think they would work well with the frozen hashbrown cubes too for a quicker meal??


I will definitely give this a try and I can already tell you I am going to LOVE it because I ADORE potatoes. In fact, I have potatoes of some kind every single day!
Thanks for the recipe :)


thanks for this recipe ! One of my friends just send me a jar of seasonal salt, this is perfect ! hi hi :)))

Kimberly Minyard

thanks for posting this... I also just "BLOG" or "Recipe" lifted some of your recipes! thanks!


I will try this recipe...thanks!




Do you have any special potato cutting devices that make it quick?


Yum! TFS - I will be making these over the weekend!


That is so funny you posted these...we just had this for dinner with some pork chops!! My kids gobbled everything right up!! I should have made more {I cut up 12 potatoes ~ 2 cookie sheets full}! Have a great night!!

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