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February 09, 2010



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Nights elektroniska Mycket frustrerad Används för att göra inte riktigt förväntar sig som kommer hon som en sista punkt minimeras för att räkna på en Om tre led det lilla munken med Romaine Phoenix Sedan kyckling ~ ~
Night Chen tystnad Xiaofan draget sin Mitt at komplett takt skyndade att kunna Far East fokus tyst Xiaofan acceleration avsevärt långsamt jämfört med den Kungliga Väder flygresor och även bär natt Chen, dem fett den naturliga vägen inte så snabb .
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Thanks for giving us the how tos for free! I love the valentines. How did you make the hair flowers?
The children are beautiful! Being a mom is great fun!

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A friend of mine mentioned 2012 last night to me and it's the first I heard about it so I jumped on here out of curiosity. I think it's kind of sick and sounds like a bunch of skeptical jargon.
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Margee' (Grandmom)

Great pics as always! You do such a great job taking pics.

Terri Conrad

okay, Sherelle, way too adorable! Sooooo photogenic. They need to be in PB kids or a Ralph Lauren catalog, and mama needs to be shooting the layout.

So I still do not have my wish list put together (I need an assistant), but a friend called today, in need designing/technical talent. May I refer her your way?


So cute! and thanks for the Valentine download...my 2 boys thought I was SO awesome when they got a gun AND gum for a valentine.


I see I am not the first to ask....how'd you do the hair flowers????????? I want one for me!

Linda Albrecht

Oh, I could just smooch and snuggle all over those girls--they are so adorable. Your photos are wonderful--thanks for sharing your photo effect uses.


Marcine Balmer

Love the hairbows for your girls.... How did you make them?

jamie hansen

Wow! Beautiful as always!! Thanks for adding the info at the end about where when how! Made it that much better of a read. I love to see how your photography has improved over the years!! You have a great eye for it! I so need to put in effort and learn more about Adobe photoshop and lightroom. It is just hard to find the time with 7 kids!

Jeanne ~ bermudabluez

All Girl! And all super, super cute!! Your photography is truly amazing!


i seriously don't know how you stand such cuteness on a daily basis. sigh.
(from a mom of 3 rowdy boys :))


too cute! i almost bought those same outfits!

The Lady of the House

Man! I can't get over your youngest BLUE eyes! and those glasses MAN! they're cute little girls! Love the bows and the outfits. Priceless.


Those photos could seriously be in a children's magazine. And Wal Mart! I would have seriously thought like Gymboree or some other ridiculously priced store like that!


Love the hair bows, do you have a tutorial, or directions for making them? What a wonderful family you have, thanks for sharing your ideas and your heart!

Angela C

Sherelle I just love your photo sessions! You should seriously be a stylist for kids and you should always tell us where you get the great outfits you put them in. I actually wonder how you get their ponytails and hairdos so perfect?
I come to your blog for smile and today I definitely got one. Tell those girls how everyone thinks they look beautiful. :)


So adorable! Love the hair bows and I love following your blog:)


elles sont vraiment trop trop belles tes princesses


they are adorable !!!
(get the package yet ? can't wait !!! :)


They are the most beautiful children!!


Adorable- I love the one where your littlest is looking at her sister, it looks like she is trying to figure out how to eat that thing. Then all the ones on their bellies were great- love the crossed eyed sucker stare. It's so fun to look at your pictures, and I am in love with your hair bows--- I already said that last time I posted a comment on your blog, but they are probably the cutest things I've ever seen for hair.


One word-darling!!!!

Christine Hicks

I am screaming CUTE!!!!! Love the hair bows. If you are in the market to sell them please shoot me info at hicks_family@sbcglobal.net
I soooo enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful children & amazing talents with the rest of us.


Oh wow!! these are gorgeous!!!! They're PERFECT for Valentine cards.
Thanks for sharing ;)


SOOOO CUTE!!!! LOVE the hair bows ;)
# 13 and #14 are my favorites!

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