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February 22, 2010



mmmmm! salsa & guacamole! i want some now! and the fresca does taste better! all the sodas are different, i think better than ours!

Jeanne ~ bermudabluez

I so love looking through your pics! Makes me happy looking at all of the bright colors and the flowers and lots and lots of smiles! Looks like a good time was had by all! Looks like a very cute little village. We have been to Cozumel, but I wasn't impressed with that at all either...and it was REALLY HUMID!

Carole Hepburn

Loved looking at your pictures - found you through the Melissa Francis web site a year or so ago and check your blog maybe once a month - BUT I was looking at the pictures and thought they looked familiar - then down in the post I read Bucerias and we went there 2 years ago !!! You have a lovely family ~~


Cute blog. Great pictures!
Love- Danna


Okay, that big silver bowl of guacamole=died and gone to heaven!


This looks amazing - the house and food to top it off! How did you find the house and everything? And did you feel safe? I see so many beautiful pictures of vacations from Mexico and then I watch Dateline and think I could never take my family there. . . .


I love all of those pictures! The ones with the flowers made me smile deep inside because of how beautiful it must have been in real life! I would love to go on one of those trips with my whole family!


I am in love with the photo of Lily on the street corner....my favorite!

such great colors and warm temps....I'm in so much winter misery....whine, whine.

Margee' (Grandmom)

Such great pics and so colorful too! I so enjoy seeing pics of your family. Wish we could have family pics.

tammy dixon

Looks fun...AND WARM. I REALLY want the warm to come.

Caroline Moraes

Wonderful pictures. I love your pictures too.
Hugs and good week!

Diana Lewis

Thanks for sharing -- as always, love your photos. Will have to look into Bucerias.

Lori Jolley

such fun, fun photos!!!! It makes we want warm weather soooooo bad!

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