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February 21, 2010


Julie GM

Congrats to you little Grace! =) I would love to hear you IRL someday! I show my girls your blog, to show your lil girls playing instruments. Mine have a full out drum set & an electric guitar to learn on but honestly, no time for lessons bcuz it's ALL about soccer for them! I'm hoping sooner than later though.


Congrats to Grace! Great job...even though she didn't feel well she still managed to perform well and look darling too! Gotta know where the outfit came from, as always too cute!!


Congrats Grace, you make your Mommy so proud.


congrats Grace ! You are the best !

(About Montana, the only things I know about this state is what I read in my favorite book from Douglas Kennedy ! It seems to be a beautiful state, isn't it ?)


congrats to your little girl
though she was sick she ended up with the third place, bravo
Bisous de France


What a talented family. And that's saying sometihng about Grace that she was able to do all that while sick - she's tough!

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