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January 26, 2010



I just found your blog and I have to tell you that you have the most gorgeous kids (except maybe mine, lol) I've ever seen. I just love your girl's hair. When my daughter Claire had long hair I use to do that. I would like to follow your blog but am having a hard time doing so, maybe you could follow mine then I will have your button, thanks!



This has nothing to do with the purses but that picture of your sister and Grace - wow they look alike!!!

Sara Massey

Oooh those purses are fun!!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

danni p

lovin the pics, the purse and this giveaway. yippee, i would love some patterns to make that beautiful purse!
~danni perez

Jeanne ~ bermudabluez

Your pictures are beautiful! All the kids look terrific!! And I'm going to have to check out those bags...I really like them! Sadly...I am not a seamstress. The matching dresses are adorable...and on sale...can't get any better than that!!

Holly Costello

Your blog is always so beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win and all of the inspiration!! I love BOTH of those bags!!

Sarah Campbell

Hey Sherelle, thanks for the inspiration to start sewing again... I've never made purses, but this is definately motivation haha! God bless


cute dresses! Tiffany is so talented!

rachel marquette

as always! your girlies look so cute! (and russ is handsome)
love the bags! these would be so fun to make for my sister in laws for a fun springtime accessory1! thanks for the chance!


You take such gorgeous photos! The purse is lovely. I would love the chance to win a pattern and try to make one on my own.


Ofcourse I love the pictures as always. The girls matching dresses are so cute! I love the purses, very cute.

Kay B.

Love your blog. The purses are so cute. I do sew, but have never made a purse, a bag, but not a purse. Would love the challenge!

Tanys Howells

I fell in love with the purse Tiffany made you last year and have been searching for the same material for several months now!! Tiffany's patterns are adorable!!

Gloria Elswood

My daughter Jill told me to come and see your cute purses! I have got to make some! I love your blog!


Love the bag and have been looking at it for a while now myself! Your family is adorable.

Mary F.

I love your blog and those purses are great. I would love to make one! Your photos are amazing.

Carole Hepburn

What a great find in those dresses - too cute and Tiffany's purses are oooohhhh sooo nice !!!

Dana Reeves

You have ADORABLE children!! You have amazing skill with the camera. I would love to know more about the type of camera you have. I love the purses as well. Too cute!!


Love your blog, and love the cute bags...thanks for this chance to win :)!

Inky Hugs,

Kristy Wistisen

I love your blog! Your kids are so adorable. Cute bags too, I just started sewing and LOVE it! You inspired me to make a valentine shirt for my little girl, it is so cute! I'll have to head over to look at those purse patterns, that sounds like a fun thing to sew!

Diana Lewis

I always love to see you photos, you helped me out with links to learn better photography a while back. Anyway, just got home from CHA and checked out your designs at Melissa Francis. Our store put in an order and can't wait for June (hopefully). Your Blog is one I always look forward to seeing. Diana in Napa

Kimberly Minyard

How do you do it? you do it all. and I am super impressed and need to know all of your secrets. LOL - I LOVE bags and these bags are great.

Kathy Steele

I love your blog and enjoy seeing all your great pictures.I live in Florda and visit IF twice a year. I just ordered the Legendary Purse pattern from Amy at the Quilt Shoppe along with her new wonderful fabric.

Tammi C

Great pictures, as always! Such cute kiddo's! We're excited here because after 3 adorable little boys, we had a little girl last week. Can't wait to dress her in all the cute girlie stuff and do her hair! She's less than a week old and we've already acquired a bunch of pink! LOL

That bag is the cutest thing! Love her stuff and would love to win one!!!! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Tammi C


Thank for keeping up your blog-I love it! You take beautiful pictures of your little ones. Also, I love the purses! I plan on checking out her blog later today.


Those purses are SO FUN! I'd love to win some patterns!!!

Lisa Johnson

I would love to win some free patterns from Tiffany. I already have her jumbo glam bag pattern, and have made a few purses and ALWAYS get comments on how cute it is. She's so talented! :)


Love the bags!!!!


WOW! GREAT shots! I absolutely LOVE the one of all four of them together.

KL Bezooyen

i just found your blog through a link off a friends blog and those dresses are so cute; what a deal! gotta love that! i have 5 girls and 1 boy and it is the bane of my existence that he can't match my girls. well and that i can rarely afford for all the girls to match anyways. but at that price...sweet! also, those purses are super cute. i've been looking at online tutes so i can make some purses for my preteen girlies and would love (LOVE!) some real patterns for some super fashionable purses. thank you so much! i'll definitely be back!


Cute purse! I love to sew anything. It would be fun to win a pattern


Sherelle, I'm putting in a standing request that whenever you go shopping for your girls you shop for my little one at the same time! (; Those dresses (and your girls of course) are precious! And I love the purses and would love to win the patterns! Thanks for sharing!


Such cute pictures (as always). Love the purses. I've been wanting to make a purse...I'll cross my fingers and toes that I'll win!

Amanda A

Thanks for sharing the beautiful family pictures! I'm loving the purses and would love to win a pattern - thanks!!


My first comment on your blog... Love the dresses, I agree with everyone where did you get them and moreover, can you post how you did their hair for church on your hair link??? Pretty please :)

heather garl

I enjoy visiting your blog each day and your pictures are gorgeous. I totally agree with this winter weather taking the steam out of taking pictures...I'm ready for warmer weather to get back outside for some photo ops. The photo of your youngest posing her chin on her shoulder totally reminds me of my 6 year old...she thinks she's such a model when she does that! Love it!


Dang cute pictures Sherelle! I love the dresses!
I LOVE those purses! I don't sew... yet. I have my mother's first sewing machine and have been meaning to have her teach me how to use it. I hope I win the pattern so I have an excuse to start sewing!


I have one of Tiffany's purses . . . LOVE LVOE. I would love to win the patterns and try to sew one on my own!

Ellen Patton

I love the dresses; do they have my size?! The purses are really cute too.


Wow..those dresses are too cute! where did you find them? I LOVE the patterns.. I will have to go browse:)


I would love to win. I've been reading your blog for a little while, I have no clue how I found you - but you are amazing. I would LOVE to win a purse or pattern, I'm in ♥


tiffany is amazing, I love her purses and patterns! and the girls are so cute....as usual, and russell-he looks so sweet and loving.



those dresses are so cute!! I don't seem to take many pictures in winter either. That purse is to die for! I'll have to go check out her blog and etsy!

Kristy Skoy

Great Purse! I so need to make myself one!


Your blog and photo's always brighten my day. Thank you for sharing your cute family and the things you love. The purses, old and new are so great! Thanks for the link. I need to make some!

The Lady of the House

Wow! I never noticed before how BLUE your little girl's eyes are! Awesome!!! Love the purses - She is talented!

Heather Robertson

AWWWWW I LOVE those dresses... AND I LOVE Tiffany's purses too!!!! I look at her stuff all the time, I need to buy some patterns....


I think Tiffany's purses are so great! What talent. On another note your family is so cute. I enjoy reading your blog.


LOVE the girls dresses!!! Where ever did you find them?
I just went a purchased her Legendary Purse Pattern. Thanks for the link! I can't wait to get sewing!


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