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January 31, 2010



Hi.. I just love your pics. Your kids, being so beautiful, are so photogenic. I was very curious at what type of filter you are using on these pics. They seem to have a vintage feel and I love that. Just wondering. Please let your fans know. :)


Adorable pictures! I love the Valentines ones too...they are just too cute!

How is Lilly doing with her glasses? While I was looking up patches for my son's eye, I saw these things called Ficklets. They are little charms for glasses. http://ficklets.com/index.html
I am not affliated with the company or anything like that, but I saw the cute flower and gemstone ones and thought of you.
Take Care!


I love your fabulous blog, all the nice vintage details it totally my taste.
And your pictures are stunning!!!
Thanks for sharing,

Linda Albrecht

Your girls are too funny! Love the photos--oh, and it should be a rule that you post the photo actions that you used every time. Love the one you used in these photos!


My "baby" is turning 19 tomorrow. WHAT!!!!??? All I can say is hang on to the memories-even the ones that make you crazy 'cause they will make you laugh later!

Erica Steffler

Those 2 crack me up, especially since they're the same as Kade and Karter! If you ever miss the baby phase..Koop is up for the job of helping you with that whenever you want!! He's a lover too so it's even better! I'll even take Lily and Kate off your hands so you can enjoy him..lol


Your babies are darling. I love the last picture. It's precious.
I love the comment about the elongated butt crack!!! =) My daughter is the same way. It doesn't matter if she wears a belt or not, she still shows butt crack. =)

Rebecca Madsen

I love your pictures, what texture and action do you use? You are amazingly talented!


Sempre passo pelo seu Blog é muito fofo e suas meninas são muito lindas e vc também é uma mãe muito GATA !!! Que Deus proteja sua família e que vcs sejam sempre muito felizez !!! Eu queria muito uma menina maaaais papai do céu me deu de presente 4 lindos homems e eu os amo muito !!! minha familia é tudo para mim !!!!bjs tia ionca


So my daughter isn't the only one with her crack showing! Makes me feel a little better. :)

Misty Castleton

As far as crack showing...I thought this was a great idea! I need to make some for me! ;-) http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/2009/07/hip-cover-up-for-girls.html

Love Lily's glasses! She looks so HAPPY with them!

Shauna Thompson

I too am so sad lately about my little ones getting big. It seems like time just slips by sooo quickly!

I love your photos, as usual! Those glasses are just darling on her. Your girls are cuties.

Robyn Longhurst

I understand....only I may do something about it....who knows....


LOVED reading your notes... and have to add my 'cute' story about prayers. When our oldest son (now 18!!) was little he would always begin his prayers with "thank you for Heavenly Father" and no matter how many times we corrected him, he would not change it, then it occured to us that we SHOULD be thankful for Heavely Father! So, that year for Christmas I got my hubby a set of Hansen figurines in our kids genders/ages and put a small plaque on it that said "Thank you for Heavenly Father".... Gotta love our kids!


Oh so true about being done with babies but really missing that new born / baby in da house!
My baby turns ten this year and my oldest baby started High School last week....ahhhhh.
Your girls dresses are divine. Thanks for sharing.


Sherelle, I remember seeing a post last year about how you document your family each year in a bound book. I tried to e-mail you to ask but the link doesn't work as I don't have outlook express, just windows mail. my e-mail is jgauer1200@windstream.net if you want to respond through e-mail. I don't remember what site you used to do it (instead of a family scrapbook each year) or what the product looked like but I remember loving the idea. Can you please tell me what date,etc this was posted and I will peruse through the archives to find it? Thanks so much! LOVE your blog, home ideas, photos, and farm life daily posts. Thanks for the inspiration!!

The Lady of the House

I love their posing for you... I always think that is so funny when little girls pose for the camera. Too cute! Happy Day deary, The Lady


elongated butt crack! I have never heard anything so funny in my life and by the way, i have the same problem but it has never been diagnosed untill now!!!!!!!!!

Jalane Christiansen

THey sound just like my 2 boys to the T! I dont correct my boys either. I love the funny little things they say that are incorrect! The "gaymen" thing is the best I think I've heard though :) too cute!! Im glad I take 100 pictures a day too! And Im the same way, I could have 100 more babies and would still hate the thought of each of them growing up. SO SAD!! Oh and I think time is going by quicker and quicker each year!


OMG, Gaymen...bbbaaaahhhhh....I was laughing so dang hard! That is too funny! I will be laughing at that all day :)

Amy W.

I know EXACTLY how you feel...

Caroline Moraes

Hello! I enjoy your blog too much. Cute girls, wonderfull kids....
kisses ( Caroline from Brazil)


I still love Lily's glasses, they are adorable! She is too cute in them! And I can't stop laughing 'gaymen' and 'elongated butt crack!' lol! It is so sad to see them grow up so fast! aahhhh!


What a great post. They do grow up tooooo fast.

I'm not sure which is more beautiful--your girls' cute faces, that quilt behind them, or your photography! :) Good stuff, all of it.


OMG!! I am pretty sure I have never heard the words "elongated butt crack" before! I was rolling on the floor laughing!!! :)

and I absolutely adore Lily's new glasses! I got glasses when I was young and they were absolutely hideous. They only had 2 or 3 choices back then and they were all butt ugly. Completely wrong shape for my face. So glad they have options these days!!


I am not super into hair things for my kids because they just don't stay in and they never keep them in that long anyway, but those are some dang cute hair things in your girlies' hair!


Ok you made me laugh out loud!
You need to document some of their sayings with scrapbook pages.
Love the "gayman" and elongated butt crack terms. So cute.
Thanks for sharing with us.
My little ones are 14 & 16 now. :(

Jeanne ~ bermudabluez

Great colors on this set of pictures! I was feeling nostalgic looking at pics of my daughter and oh, how I wish I had a blog then!! It really is a great daily journal to look back at!


I know what you mean about them growing up too fast!! BTW - I used to love the preschool kits at the Shelly Library!!!

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