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December 21, 2009



Okay, the bokeh trick looks AWESOME. I need some scrapbook cutouts or whatever those are so I can try this, too! Terrific job, Sherelle (with some help from a couple of darling little models!)


Your children, they are so adorable. You have figured it out and I would love for you to share. It is such tough light to take great photos in and without a flash. You are right about the flash - it makes the photos terrible. I am sure you shared before, but what camera do you use and what is your favorite lens.

Michelle (Cummings) Langstaff

These pictures are so neat! I LOVE how the lights look. It is truly amazing! Great job with your photos!

Juliane M

They turned out great, I wonder if you'd share where you found the tutorial. I've been struggling with the same problem. Thanks!


too cute!


Oooh DO share what settings you used - they look magical! I have the same problem and everything looks yellow or too bright. Thx and Merry Christmas!! Snowed in here in Omaha and have to postpone my family Christmas til tomorrow.


Love looking at your photos! Merry Christmas from WA.




Love them Sherelle! My favorite one is Katie sitting in the black chair! We will see you soon! Merry Christmas!

Melissa Wells

Love..Love..Love em'!!! Can't believe how much bigger Lily & Kate than last years Christmas pics. Do give details on the lights;-) Merry Christmas Sherelle, I pray it is a truely blessed Christmas! Love & Prayers, Melissa

tammy dixon

I saw the bokah on another blog just the other day and was going to try it out and haven't yet! You photos are beautiful and your girls are just so sweet!


SO CUTE!! Can you share your secrets? Did you use an action for the bokah? They are adorable!


Every year I wonder the same thing!! These turned out brilliant!!! Love how the lights look like stars!! Your girls are just beautiful!!


You beat me to it! You must have seen the same tutorial I saw yesterday. Sooooo cool, huh? Great job!


I'd love to know your tips, as I struggle with that too. Great photos!

Jessie Lathroum

Your kids are so photogenic! My nieces would NEVER do this. We are lucky to get them to sit still for ONE picture! :) Nice work.

Brittney Wood

LOVE them!! So....? Details, lady!!


oh my goodness.....they are so adorable! I love how the christmas lights look like little stars. I am glad you are gonna have some down time to enjoy!

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