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October 27, 2009



Forgot to add, my 13 year old son did a PUKING PUMPIN too and it's vomiting down our steps...it's already getting moldy which is SO disgusting but adds to the effect totally!


Looks like that had SO much fun! YOUR little one's pumkin rocks! I love that mickey one too!


that looks so cool! and the puking pumpkin gets my vote...lol!


Wow, 3 posts in a same day ! Love it !
The Halloween's shirts are so cute and I also like so much Grace's jacket !!!
I like all your ideas to celabrate Halloween ! Here in Switzerland it's really not the same...


OOh the best witch pumpkin ever!!!
Soo gorgeous!
Congratulations, Grace!!!

Shauna Thompson

That witch pumpkin is so cute!!! What a fun community event!

Robyn Longhurst

So fun! May have to copy some of those for a contest Saydee has to enter on Thurs.

Looks like a fun adventure - we're gonna try the one out by the river hopefully one night this week


WHERE did you get those ADORABLE polka dot coats!!!!!! I HAVE to have some for my girls!


I'm so glad you posted pictures of the pumpkin walk! We were going to come up this year until it was changed from Friday night to Monday night :( Driving there and back in one night is too long when there's school in the morning!(5 hour drive total) Maybe next year! :)


I am an idiot....I didn't see your link.....sorry...lol


ok...it's official....i am a slacker mom! You are so cool. You can't post about pumpkin pie playdoh and not give the recipe! My kids would love it.....and I would love you to do a quick tutorial on how you do those adorable shirts!
P.S. Did you have fun last week?


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