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October 21, 2009



I am a recipe collector, one day I am going to sort thru the recipes and cookbooks..but I love hand written treasures that you find at sales and antique shops....

Joette Babcock

I have a collection of "red handled" kitchen utensils-some from my late "Gram". I also treasure the recipes in her handwriting-it keeps her close to my heart!


What a treasure did you find Sherelle !!! I love handwrittings !
PS: I also agree with the others girls in your last post... I would be so happy with a "Home Tour"... You have so nice tastes !

Kellie Park

It is rare to find people that want to do that kind of work with their hands. Handi-work. It is an amazing art that would be sad to see die. All the fine handwriting or the hotpads.


I can't understand how these people can sell that kind or treasure !
In my family we secretly keep our recipes, it is so precious !


Just gorgeous! The handwriting looks JUST like my Grandmommy's - and al of her siblings'! Such a treasure and I am sure the original owner would never have thought that someone else would think of it as such!


I love this cute little book too! I'm in the process of trying to get my Mum to write out all her family recipes for me so I can complile them into a little recipe book much like that cute one or the one you had made the other day. I am terrified that all the family recipes will be gone forever and none of us will ever get to pass them on. I wanted to make up little books for my two nieces when they leave home and get married and one for my sister and I too, and then of course one for my daughter, who is still only 7 1/2 but will remember my Mum in her life. I choose old over new always :-)

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