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October 15, 2009


Margee" (Grandmom)

I remember those days in school getting butterflies before tests!
She expects alot of herself!


Love these "random" posts about your kids. Kids are always so funny...and sometimes you dont really appreciate all of it until you sit down and write about it.


I had to giggle when the 98% came out. Poor sweet thing. Our Bible study this week was about perfection, and it is something I struggle with too. Love this post though, it's so important to capture these things when they happen picture or not!

Annette Hansen

She sounds so much like Audrey!


Oh dear what a worrier. It sounds like she is a wonderful student. Perfectionism can be a difficult curse!! Sometimes we have to catch the "random" things in our families' lives so we'll forgive you for not posting pictures on all of your posts.


Grace is so sweet! I remember getting those butterflies before a test and at swimming lessons. It is so hard to try to know the right thing to say when they are so upset.

She did great!....silly girl :)

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