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October 14, 2009



great photos!


Yep, it's funny how sometimes we forget the "manly" stuff.

Sami Melton

Sherelle, LOVE the Firth track shirt he wore fishing! I played sports for Butte County and I swear we could never beat Firth in hardly anything... Awesome having such amazing Men in your life huh! I sure adore all my guys!


ok....now its official...russ and my boy could be best buddies. My son LLLLOVVEESS fishing and hanging with dad and grandpa. So sweet! I love Russ' face in the deer pic.

Britt in heber


It is just beautiful out there. Makes me want to move. Oh and boys doing macho things is just adorable.


I absolutely love your blog and getting a peek into your farm life. Your pictures are wonderful and very inspirational. You don't know this but you inspired me to take photography more seriously to take better pictures of my son and now I have my own business. Thank you!


Oh Sherelle what beautiful landscapes in Idaho !
You are right when you show us your boys life, it is interesting too !
I would love to see you and your environment in real, maybe one day...why not ?
Have a wonderful day,


Hi Sherelle !
I love your blog because it's so interesting to discover your life of farmer, to see your children growing, to see your beautiful vintage pictures... But I most of all love your blog because its makes me travel ! I enjoy discovering those amazing landscapes !!! The picture of Russell with 2 fishes in his arms close to the lake is so beautiful !
I would be very interested in a post about your region/area !
Thank you so much for sharing all those beautiful pictures !
Sophie from Switzerland
also a beautifuuuuuuul place ;-)


that is quite a drastic change from the ribbons and bows yesterday!! that poor deer looks like it's still alive and posing in the first picture, not so much in the back of the truck, though!!


That is one big piece of machinary!! I'm glad I am in girl world. (But I would drive the tractor any day!)

ashley warwick

awwwwww my boyfriend Russy is the cutest little kid alive. haha

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