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September 09, 2009



Simple, Elegant...Perfection!!!


I am surprised Shelby hasn't been discovered yet by some talent scout or modelling agency. She could be a super model for sure........

Melissa Wells

Again these photos are just amazing!!! I honestly cannot pick a favorite. They are "timeless"! Have a safe, fun, & blessed weekend Sherelle;-)


Your pictures are so beautiful again, and you both too!!!
I can see that you think about each detail for these pics. What fun you probably have during the making off! lol The results are wonderful!

Peg Graham

wonderful photos!

OK...going to ask you for some help on my garden for next year. Any tips, ideas, helpful hints? I want a plethora of veggies, so I can can and stock up!
My attempt at a garden this year produced very little tomatoes, small green peppers and a few cucumbers...wah! I wanted to can bread and butter pickles and never got any to do so.

any info is helpful. you can email me at:
[email protected]

hugs-Peg Graham


Again, your talent (and beauty) never cease to amaze me! Not only are the pictures fabulous and I love seeing them...but...seeing the bond the you are creating with your younger sister is truly priceless!! You really need to be submitting these pictures to some magazines/modeling agencies! You both are naturals!!

Jeanne Miller

I would like to know how to make the big curls and waves.


Seems like everyone is enjoying all your vintage work! You and your sister are naturals! Beautiful work!!


How fun is that?!

Maria Hanson

I'm loving all of your vintage photography. How fun! LOVE IT. You're gorgeous and Shelby is darling.


These are all amazing - I love the first 3.


That pink floral dress is amazing! Beautiful pictures.


You two are beautiful! I can't believe that Shelby is as young as she is, she looks so grown up!


Your little sister is SO beautiful with this vintage style ! She looks so 50style !
And your pictures are so beautiful... I love it !

Sami Melton

oooooh ahhh! You two look beautiful! I can't believe how awesome these pics turn out when you guys are just "playing around"!! You both are gorgeous!! How fun!


I love the swimsuit! I thought about making a crochet suit for you from some vintage patterns.
The dresses you found are so pretty!!!


What fun, fun pictures!


These photos are amazing and just so much fun! I love the ones with the umbrela! You both look gorgeous! TFS! :)


Look at Shelby! wow she looks so gorgeous! You are great!


WOWZA!!! Okay, first of all, the camera just east you guys up. It might annoy me a bit that you are the crazy/busy mom of FOUR little ones and can still rock it like that. And Miss Shelby. . . well, she looks like she just stepped out of a timeless magazine!


Fab.U.lous!!!!! The first set up is my absolute FAVE!

Jessie Lathroum

Very cool! I was wondering what photo editing software you use to get these effects??


AHH! These ones are my most favorite! I LOVE the polka dot swim suit! :) You are really making me CRAZY to try new things! I wish I could shop like you! :) Where in the world do you find the time to do EVERYTHING? You are like a domestic goddess!
On another note I totally recognized your parents at my sisters ward on Sunday. (they blessed her baby & that might be why they were there cuz you are related to the Carters) anyhow your mom is just as beautiful in person as the pictures you post on your blog! i wanted to just take my index finger and poke her shoulder--- just to make sure she was real! he he. Blog land is funny sometimes. It's like you totally "feel" like you know someone. My husband thinks I'm crazy and has to question every time I say "my friend blogged about...." he's like... is she really your "friend".... :)

Jana Eubank

You two are just adorable! I love all these cute photos of your new "hobby"! Keep 'em coming! :)


Your photos are so crisp and clear. I really admire your work.

Lorraine lewis

You are very talented- I love your photographs!

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