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September 25, 2009



Thanks for letting us come and glean on the fields! We'll be eating lots of potatoes around here now!


As always I'm so happy to discover your pictures, your work, your children stories... Your blog is my favorite for sure !!!! Thanks and keep sharing your so crazy life with us !

Annette Hansen

Nice harvest pictures and I loved reading all about Kate - she is precious!


okay seriously how would it be to sort potatoes in short sleeves and capris/shorts! Shelley is soo much more warmer than out where we live! We would absolutely freeze to death!!! and it would always snow or rain too...

I love the smell of dirt, not rotten potatoes :)


OH this brings back memories! I used to do this every fall!

Kittie Murphy

I love looking at your website and the pictures are absolutely stunning. Love all of your creations in scrapbooking.
One question I would like to ask........
when you access your website, since there are so many pictures from previous days, it takes forever to download. One suggestion is to only include the pictures for the day and have a link to older posts. Some websites already do this so it makes it so much easier.


Amazing pictures - I love seeing the process of the harvest - it fascinates me! :)


Had to check in to see if you were sharing potato harvest pictures - so amazing! Ha! I don't know if I said this before, but I have the cutest picture of my son sitting in a wheel barrow full of potatoes, helping harvest Grandpa's garden. And I thought THAT was a lot of potatoes! Your food shots get me every time, too - I can't get my brain around cooking for more than 20 at Thanksgiving...

tammy dixon

It amazes me what goes into harvest, and it happens around me every year. The picture of David's parents is great! It's them! The others are great too! It's so fun to see how everyone is growing up.


You know what Sherelle, your girls are so beautiful, Lily will become a amazing girl, she's maybe hard to live now but trust me she has a strong character and will know what she wants, it is so important in the actual life.
Kate is so cute too, like a delicate flower, I can't imagine she is 3 now ! I remember pictures of her when she was a little baby...
(excuse my bad English)

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