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September 28, 2009



OMG!! I need so many red apples right now!!! I am planning my baby girl's 1st bday and the theme is Snow White so I need lots and lots of apples!!!
Anyway, gorgeous posts. Keep'em coming!


That looks yummy! Have you tried the crockpot apple butter recipe that's floating around blog world? I made some last weekend and its sooo good and soooooooo easy! The crockpot does all the work and as an added bonus, it makes your house smell divine!

Robyn Longhurst

Thanks so much for sharing - fun to see. I know it takes time to take pictures and load them - thanks for 'taking the time'.


You never cease to "wow"/inspire with your industrious posts- be it canning, farming, housekeeping, crafting, or raising your children... Thank you for posting during your busy life!


I just don't know where you find enough hours in the day for all the stuff that you do! I too, would like to know what you do with all your applesauce?



Sami Jo Melton

Num Num! The applesauce looks great! I hven't stopped by in a while and I love the post about little Miss Kate. She's a doll. Thanks so much for the help with the camera situation we know it would be better to save for a SLR BUT life must go on and my babies will be grown before I can save up for that :) & I want to have a new camera before little Mr. #2 is here (about a month) Thanks again for your time, Sami Jo

Mommas Soapbox

Looks Yummy!!!!! I canned my salsa the other day. Getting ready to do pomegranite jelly soon..... I need an apple tree! ;)

Have a good day girl!


i swear i'd love to live at your house for a week just to experience it all. :)

Brittany in heber

you are amazing....I don't know how you do it all! What kind of apple trees do you have?....ok now I am in the mood for applesauce! lol


Sherelle I have a "very important" question ha ha :
HOW MANY JARS (bottle for canning) DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOUSE ?

another question : what do you do with your appel sauce ? is it what we call "compote" ?


I need to get some pots like those!!! I did applesauce on Saturday and it took forever! Fabulous pictures!!! It looks great!

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