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August 20, 2009



I love your life. ;-) You seriously are living my dream. One day maybe mine can come true too. You are so talented thank for sharing a bit of you with us.

I have a bunch of tomatoes that need to be canned. Would you be able to send me your salsa recipe?


Marcy Buchanan
Aldergrove, BC Canada


Oh la la j'adoore tout ce que tu fais, merci de nous faire partager toutes ces petites tranches de vie
ces légumes du jardin mmhhh ils doivent être délicieux

just curious


I have a few questions. One is that i have noticed in the past and on this post that on the first day of school you just send the kids off on the bus?? You do not take them on their first day of school?? Is that normal for around there?

Around here, it seems all parents tend to take their children at least the first few days -- with snap shots of them infront of the school sign, infront of the class door and sign, with the teacher, with their parents, some alone in the frontyard. So, it seems so different to me to see them shipped off on a bus for the first day. We even stay in the classroom for a few mins snapping shots and seeing the kids off to their first day.

I guess someone is there to direct the children where to go and so on. I am just asking cause it seems so foreign to me.

Is this something all the parents around there do?


Hi Sherelle, I'd love to see your canned salsa recipe if your willing to share. Thanks!


Sometimes I look at your posts and pics and think to myself "Hmmm, I would love to live that life, all outdoorsy (is that even a word ?? LOL) and stuff. Kids not misbehaving and fighting and you EVER getting accosted by a pile of laundry the likes of which would mean certain death if it fell on you!. Thats is - up until now. NOT liking the idea of having to harvest 2,500 acres - THANK YOU VERY MUCH. **GULP**

Happy birthday to Miss Grace. Breithlá shona duit (said as 'breth-lah honna dit') a Grace. I hope you had a wonderful day! Been missing your blog lately too :-(. Lots to blog about when school start though, I would think.

Sherelle, if it's not too much trouble, could you please share your 'Chicken Bundles' recipe with us :-).

Thanks bunches

Ali in Ireland


Long time no talk to. Been going nutso lately with summer vacation and now school starting back up. Any chance of getting your pickle recipe? I was just telling my hubby i want to can some salsa and I need to find out what I need to do to can it, I have only made it fresh and eaten it! Then I see your canned pickles...... Maybe in my next life I will be able to keep up with you! =) Thanks Sherelle!

Amy May


I just love your blog, i have been a blog stocker for awhile now. You are so inspring. I just love your photography skills and the beautiful pics that you take. It amazes me how much canning you do, that is a lost art (i myself don't know how, would love to learn some day). I saw your blog post about the salsa, do think that you could possibly pass your recipe on it looks delish and i am always looking for a good salsa recipe.

Thank you for all the insperation that you pass out.

MNScrapbookmom - Kyra

Happy Birthday Grace! And, enjoy your first few days of school. Sherelle, Your salsa looks so yummy!!! :o) Have a lovely weekend.

Kimberly Minyard

I love all of your photos. I love all of the vintage looking things in the kitchen. your kids are adorable.


Thanks for these beautiful pictures I love to watch it, I smiled and can't imagine how you find time to make all of these activities ! I have a little idea (I have garden and children too) but it is amazing.
See you in facebook :))


PS what recipe do you use for the salsa ? PS2 I created a new blog did you see it ?


Homework...oh my I'm not looking forward to that when we start next week. You have some of the cutest assistants ever. Sherelle, you are a very, very talented homemaker. I think it is great that have such a beautiful garden and you don't waste a bit of it!!

Ginna G

I want to take gardening lessons from you! I just love your whole garden. veggies & flowers. I just want to follow you around and drink it all in. (Wouldn't mind being in the kitchen and learning from you there too.)
All your tomatoes look like they are from a magazine. Mime have splits around the stem area and look terrible. What does that mean and what am I doing wrong. I too want to know about the tomato hair cut method and any tips, tricks that a farmers wife knows that us citifide gals don't know.
LOVE your blog on so many levels, found it for scrapbooking but love it for all the info you share. Thanks and happy birthday Grace.


I cannot believe how much talent God blessed you with!!! I'm dying with envy!!!

Care to share your salsa recipe? It all looks amazing!


I can almost smell the beans and tomatoes...love all the pictures!
Happy Birthday Grace!!!

Sami Melton

Happy Birthday to your girl and what a good choice she made instead of cake :) Happy Harvesting in your garden - those pickels had my mouth watering... Toodles, The Lady

Heidi LaPerle

You don't know me, but I found your blog through who knows, who, and love it! Love your photography, recipes and garden, canning ideas. What is the right way to trim the tomatoes so they will produce more?
Thanks, if you have time to let me know.

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