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July 12, 2009



She totally fits the era, beautiful!


Lovely pictures and a lovely young lady =0)
You`re such a clever girl!!!
I`m convinced threre`s NOTHING you cannot manage!
I admire you deeply!
Have a wonderful day =0)
Hugs from Norway =0)


Shelby and you are both such inspirations!! LOVE the new vintage look and you two took some fabulous shots...what a team!!

Michelle E

The pictures of Shelby are beautiful! You did a wonderful job on them.


WOW what beautiful Grandma's and I love thta last pic of Shelby on the bike...beautiful with the sun in the background :) Bonnie x


The first picture of Shelby is beautiful. The last picture of her is really amazing. The lighting, the pose, PERFECT.
I also love all things old. My house is 100 years old. We name all our animals old lady names (our daughter, not that she's an animal, included). I love old portraits of our relatives. Something so formal and special about them that is lost now.

Heidi Parson

LOVE IT!!! WOW how amazing. You need to enter those into a contest or something!!!


She's so pretty - she reminds me of a red-haired Grace!


Wow. Those are beautiful. Great job.


Wow Sherelle!
First of all, congrats on the new look on your blog! I LOVE it!
And the photos of Shelby are just amazing. Is it Photoshop or Lightroom? Do you use some free masks, overlays orbrushes on these? I adore them!
Thanks for sharing;)
And have a nice day!
Hugs from Kristine in Norway


I too love all things old but could never recreate as well as you do. Thankyou for all the wonderful photo's you post, when I can't take the 43c heat I wip open your blog and pretend I'm enjoying the weather in one of your beautiful photo's.

Jana Eubank

Beautiful! Love the new "decor" on your blog, too! Thanks for always being such a fun read! ;)


Cool pictures Sherelle!
Blog changeup: Love the new sidebars!


I liked Photoshop before, but now after seeing those photos, I am amazed at its capabilities!!!


The pictures of your sister turned out great! I made your banana bread recipe today and it also turned out great. Thanks so much for sharing. I always love reading your blog and seeing what is new. It makes my day!


Sherelle, those are absolutely beautiful. I love your "update" to the blog!

Marilyn Johnson

I check your blog now and then. My 16 year old daughter and I both love vintage things also! How did you get those pictures to look so vintage? And where did you find the bike? I love your blog!


I love your blog for all the cool pictures. Just wondering if you have actions you use to make the pic's of shelby vintage or if you just do them individually in PS.


the photos are great! what a fun idea!

Kristy Skoy

So Awesome! I love your editing!

Peg Graham

Love, Love, Love these! So Vintage!

jamie bangerter

What a fun idea! Those are beautiful. Is that bike as fun as it looks? Cute stuff!


I love your new background!



Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Hi Sherelle!! I just love those photos of Shelby! They turned out sooo pretty and perfectly vintage. Love that cool bike too! (Is it new, but made to look old?)

You know, I read your blog in my Google Reader all the time, so I'm not sure how long ago you updated your banner and sidebars with all of those cool graphics and photos, but they look SO adorable! Love it all!

Hope you're having a great weekend,

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