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July 14, 2009


air jordans

Experience is the child of thought , and thought is the child of action. We cannot learn men from books.


Nice tomato plants! What do you use for pest control? I'm looking for a way to keep aphids out of my organic tomato garden and found Safer Brand's Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer so far. Have you heard of it? It’s certified organic and safe to use up to the day of harvest.

Robyn Longhurst

Just got around to reading this whole thing - THANK YOU for the tomato hints - I have BIG, BEAUTIFUL plants - with very few blooms - I'll be trimming them all down shortly!

Heidi Myers

You are totally Martha Stewart, but much prettier! =) Good job on the pics. I bet you and your sistas have a great time together. Hope all is well! Heidi ho

fran heupel

Hi Sherelle,
I just wanted to comment and say how much I love your blog and the wonderful recipes and info you provide. I love the pictures you share of your beautiful family and the great advice. Thanks for sharing the wonderful ranch dressing recipe.
I just adore the new look of your blog so fresh and inviting.


mmmmm....okay all your pictures make me hungry! And we will definitely have to try that ranch recipe, I am not a fan of that tangy Hidden Valley crap, I only eat Chiz's Ranch :) Every year Levi says he's going to plant a garden, I wish he would just freakin' get on it! Cilantro, mmmm, fresh salsa! Now only if we could grow an avocado tree, I would be in heaven!

Julie Trout

Thanks so much for sharing your recipes and your photos.....they are all so awesome!

Your vanilla cinnamon rolls have become a staple in our house over the last few months as the kids just love them!

Am hoping our tomato plants do well this year as we have an awesome salsa recipe that we just got last summer....in fact, all of the six kids love it and I am 'hording' the last five jars we canned last fall until we get to make some more!

Have a great week and thanks so much for sharing on your blog!



you are so lucky to have such a wonderful garden. we live in a suburb and grow tomatoes in pots on our deck. lol. but we have about 25 plants! my dh loves to make salsa with them. can I ask if there is a reason for the tires around the plants? maybe to keep critters away? I will have to trim ours back a little more. thanks for the tip.


OH, I can't wait to plant a garden of my own! We've always lived in apartments or small spaces! Next summer though, I'll be needing these tomatoe tips! Thanks for the ranch dressing recipe! Uncle Dan's is a staple at our house!

Shelly B.

Look how CUTE your blog looks, Sherelle! Love it! Your garden is to die for, as always! Jealous! ;) Hope you're doing good!

lori jolley

I love your blog topper.
I've never made homemade Ranch so I'm going to try it tonight. Oh how I love having a garden! I think mine is slower than yours, but starting to produce some yummy things!


oh soooooo jealous! I think you should do more of the garden tips, because i am so envious of your garden and have not idea where to start or what to do.

Love the pics....so beautiful

Brittany in heber


Thanks for the ranch recipe - I'm still searching for that "great" Ranch dressing and will try yours! And thanks for the tip about the tomatoes - the pictures really helped. I have two out of control tomato plants and will trim them soon.


Your blog makes me covet! First the asparagus, now the veggies! This year was my first "real" garden and the deer are just ruining it! They are sure enjoying all my veggies. Do you have any suggestions for them? (other than a fence) Thanks for the recipe and the tomato tip!


that produce looks so beautiful and tasty! congrats!


This is the first time I see that (to trim the tomatoes), here in Belgium we let grow one plant at a time (one per 2 feet) and when it grows we just cut the leaves they are down, and "pinch" the tomatoe. It means when you have a lot of flowers, you only keep the half of them so the baby tomatoes can become as big as possible.
Excuse my bad English :))


Gorgeous produce!!! I think homemade ranch or Uncle Dan's are THE BEST by far!!


I am so excited to try this recipe. Like I said in my earlier post I made your banana bread recipe then I passed it on to my sister and she also loved it, I told her I got it off your blog and shared her blog with her so she can also become a fan!!!! You always have the best things to share with your readers. Thanks so much for being such a fun part of my day.--Karen

Jill Scott

Thanks for the tomato tips. I was so surprised to see that you have tomatoes already and now I guess I know why. Why do you have the tires around the plants though? Is that to keep the moisture in?


Your garden is so lush and beautiful. Also, I loved you mentioned Uncle Dan's dressing. When I read that you would rather eat dirt than Hidden Valley, I laughed and thought she should try Uncle Dans. I will be trying your ranch recipe, that sounds yummy. Thanks!

Ann K

PS: why do you plant them in the middle of tires?

Ann K

Mmmm can't wait to try the recipe. My brother gave me the same advice about the tomato plants. He told me I had WAY to many leaves. (who knew?) Now if I could figure a way to beat my dog to the ripe tomatoes... That nose of his finds them every time.

Linda Albrecht

I always love visiting your blog, Sherelle. So much beauty, inspiration, and good food tips. Plus I love when you share recipes.


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