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July 16, 2009



Hope you did great at your yardsale! PS: I love the new theme of your blog - the old fashioned pictures are really cute!

Alison Behan

ROFLOL, I guess Ireland is a little too far to travel for this one. **giggle**. No-one around here does that and certainly not with scrapbooking goodies :-(. Hope it was a raging success!!!



I live in CA so I don't think I can make it but would love too.


natalie lyman

thanks for saying hello!! I check your blog on a daily basis..your kids just make me smile!! They are darling and I love their hair do's all of the time!! Your photography rocks ..I made the layered jello from your blog last week and iut was a hit!! Keep this blog going..I love it!!

Michelle Aiken

I also live in Lewiston and would LOVE to come shopping at your yard sale but I think that would be quite the drive. I wonder how close you are to Carey, ID? I have a sister-in-law that lives there that I could send over to shop for me!

Tiffany J

I live in Eastern Idaho and I'm totally game!


Oh darn- I live in Northern Idaho (Lewiston)- a drive down south is tempting! I hope you have a successful sale- it is a lot of work.

Lori R (loree2000)

I guess My first comment got lost in cyber space.....

Lori R (loree2000)

P.S. Have you taken your temperature lately??? You Getting rid of so much loot....sounds like you may be coming down with something!! :D

Ellen Patton

I live in the Eastern part of the country, not Idaho, so won't be able to make. Too bad.


love your new banner by the way and the vintage graphics, I have some funny postcards like those!


hmmm...I've been wanting to head out that way, not that I need anything else!


Would you be willing to post your scrapbooking supplies here after your sale is over if you still have some available?


oops, lived near you! : )


Wow, sounds like a great sale!! Wishing I loved near you. Have fun! Hope you get ride of everything!!


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