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July 09, 2009



Looks wonderful. I'm going to try this for Easter and pour it into a giant egg mold. Do you think it'll work out okay?


I remember these "ribbon salads" from when I was a kid 40 years ago. Nice to see them making a comeback, they are delightful to eat.


Change the picture


i like what you did in the picture


its funny of the different color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also i wonder if u can do 20 layers of jello


We make this too! Only, around the 4th of July they usually have Pina Colada Jello, so I use that sometimes. :)

♥ the new look of your blog! SO cute!!


This looks so cute and refreshing. I'm going to have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Sami Melton

Looks delish! Love the new header too! You are so crafty and talented! I just love stopping by here it is like a breath of fresh air!

Jody Ferlaak

I grew up with a mom who made this too. Always a favorite and still is! We love the Christmas version too with red/green and eggnog layers. Your photo is awesome. =) Who knew how much love could go into Jell-o!


I love this recipe. Thanks for sharing it. I also love the new blog design.. It so goes with your life and everything..


p.s. I love the new photo of you and blog layout! It is really darling.


Thank you for putting the recipe up! I am sure it is going to be a hit in our house.

Mary Bautista Marty

thanks for sharing this recipe. My brother made this years ago but lost the recipe. Now I can make it for m y family. I know they are going to love it.


you had me at sweetened condensed milk.


Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I have been meaning to google it since you posted your pics. I am going to make these for an end of summer party for the kids. Thanks again!


Thanks for the recipe. I am definitely trying this one!

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