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June 11, 2009



I'm always amazed at everything you get done amidst the day to day with 4 kids, so it's good to know that even you get behind sometimes. Congrats to Grace!


Congrats to Grace!!!


Sounds like a terrific recipe! I love banana bread!! And congratulations to Grace....what an accomplishment!! Look forward to seeing the pictures!


Good job, Grace. I can't wait to see the pictures. The bread looks wonderful, can't wait to try it.

Brittany in heber

Another great recipes......I am so glad that you share them with us...I was just gonna email you and make sure you guys were all ok! I can't wait to see gracie performing.


This looks yummy, Sherelle!!!

I just emailed my stuff to you, hope you got it! :)


Thanks for the recipe - my boys love banana bread and I was getting ready to make some this weekend.

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