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June 21, 2009



Ack! Poor Shelby! Hopefully she can just laugh about it. If not right now maybe later!


Just a bad pose I am sure. It never entered my mind either. I am wondering where your sister green dot skirt is from?

michelle from montana

It is an amazingly beautiful dress! Don't burn it! Advise her to wear a belt or something! Dreamy fabric! re-fashion it into a cute skirt! Love it!


OMW I had to go back and check out what picture you were talking about..i totally never thought that she was having a baby until you mentioned..and even when i look at it..it really doesn't look like that!


Didn't enter my mind either I have to say.


Oh my gosh! For some reason that didn't even cross my mind!

jamie bangerter

Oh no! lol! (It's kinda hard not to laugh)....oh...poor Shelby. I agree 'burn the dress' or save it for another 10 years. :-)

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