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June 12, 2009



hahah...me too becky..i have that thought in my mind as well....
can we sherelle hehehe...
really love ur shots..

Becky Garling

Ok you are going to think I am weird...
But can I come and live with you for one week?
Your life seems so ideal to me right now!
And your children are so lucky to have you as a mom!


i have to ask, how on earth do you get it all done?
your precious children always look perfect--their hair and their clothing!! you play, you always smile, you cook, you are just amazing.
i love your blog & am always inspired. you are truly blessed


Again, breathtaking pictures!


Grace and her hair are the perfect model for the 70's look!

Shauna Thompson

LOVE that very first picture. It made me laugh!


Terrific pictures Sherelle and glad to see that you all are enjoying your summer!!


As always your photographs are so good. Thanks for the banana bread recipe too, YUM!


Graces photos are great with that look!!! and Katie is so cute!


Love the first photo of Katie (and all the others too) the look on her face is priceless! I am loving the 70's retro look, what preset did you use? See you soon!


Kelsy Propp

I love the 70's retro effect!!! Is that a preset?


Too precious!

Melissa Wells

Sherrelle, these pictures are just beautiful!!! I love the red gingham along with the strawberries....SO Summery ;-) Hope your summer is going great. Our is wonderful, Madalyn (Maddie) is 7 weeks old now and just as sweet as can be. I'll download more pics to Facebook soon. Take care ;-)


I just love looking though your blog Sherelle - Your kids are adorable!!! :)

Just wanted to make sure you received my email yesterday.


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