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May 20, 2009



Reading the post above this and then this one..I can see why you haven't been posting so much! You've been one busy mama!! Love all the pics. LOVE!

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

I wish I lived at your house. So cute.

lori jolley

So many fun things going on! Your birds are getting big!
You started up your slide already! How fun!


Great to see you posting again :-). Hope you have been doing O.K. You have popped in and out of my mind quite often recently.

Sweet pics. I cannot believe that the kids were happy in cold water on that slip'n'slide. My feet are cold at the thought of it!!! :-)



amanda gibson

Those pictures of the boys and the geese are SO stinkin' cute! I don't think the geese were really feelin' the whole "have the kids hold me and get my picture taken" thing - but it was totally worth it cuz those are really, really cute!

Brittany in heber

So cute! again, love your pics so beautiful as ususal! So every year when my son sees the slip n slide he is soooo jealous and is dying to see it....lol


Sherelle, your pictures are nothing short of spectacular!! And the beautiful smiles on all the kids....they have such a great time! Thanks for sharing all the fun times!


I know it's not like you're busy enough or anything, just wondering if you can give me some guidance for putting my name on my pics like you do. Then do you add the logo in Photo Shop? I love the looks of yours & would like to create something similar with my name & little design. Thanks if you have time to respond.


Sherelle, I love to see your posts - what fun your kids are having!

Tiffany J

What a fun slip n' slide! I've never seen anything like it. Also, I like Grace's outfit where she's playing the violin. SO cute! Did you make it, or your mom?

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