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March 01, 2009


April Walkley

Your photography is amazing! I love to dream on your blog! Tell your mom hello, I miss her.


Your kids are sooo beautiful. Seems like forever since the "step- dancing" days. Love all the pics and the bags are soooo cute! Take care and I'll check on ya from time to time!:-)


Hey you...ya know I love ya and all you do! You inspire me and so many other with all your amazing talents so you were the first one I thought of for this award...check out my latest post! ♥ ya!


what cute bags and cute photos.... so fun!

Andrea Amu

Such cute bags. I am in love with that green and brown damask, but I love the style of the one you made! They are both so cool.

And your photography is just gorgeous!


LOVE the bag Sherelle!!! Ya know I have a birthday coming up ;) ha ha. Seriously though I would love to make a cute bag, maybe you could help me out with that?? Love all the photos of course, especially the one of Katie on the toilet...too funny!

Alison Behan

Hey, I love that bag!! You seem to be the type of gal that can try her hand at anything and be good at it!! I love following this blog. Can't believe you snapped that pic of K sitting on the loo. LOL. I'm another one who would like to know how the Grace and Russ thing works out. Having the same problem here in Ireland with my two. Darcey is 15 months older than Cameron and she is the polar opposite of him. Makes for a hard day sometimes..

Anyway, Have posted a pic of the 6th pic in my 6th folder on my (boring) blog :-)

Ali in Dublin, Ireland :-)


Great job on making a new purse! Your mom's new one is totally cute too.
I love to see the cute pictures of your kids. You are such a great mom!


Great pictures Sherelle! I especially love your mom's purse! Favorite pictures....the one with Grace and Russell and the one with I think Kate...looking upside down....just precious! I have to check out your friend's blog...I love that huge glam bag!!


Hey, with Grace and Russ, let me know how that pans out. Shay is having the same issue with her sisters. Perhaps it's the age and transitioning. Anyway, love the pictures as always.

Carrie Harper

I've never posted, but love your blog. Your pictures are fabulous. My dad is from Idaho so I love seeing all the scenery, when you posted all the pictures of the harvest, I forwarded to him and it took him back in time. I would love to know how you fit it all in. I wasn't sure I was going to do your tag, until I saw my photo, then I knew I had to!!!!!

Heather R

Sherelle- you make me want to break out the sewing machine. I love your bag! Isn't it crazy that we are getting excited about 38 degree weather! I love the pics of your girls dancing. So cute!!

Tiffany J.

Way to brave the sewing machine again Sherelle! Your bag is super cute!

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