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March 24, 2009



Great pictures! I giggled with the picture of your daughter that looked like she was going to eat the sidewalk chalk. Or maybe was it like lipstick? Kids are so funny!

It was finally around 50 degrees here in New Hampshire this past weekend and it is wonderful to get outside and play.

I am sorry about Grandma Coral. It is very nice that the girls could play the music at her service. May she rest in peace.


Simply precious.


As always, thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life. It must be wonderful having such a big active family.

sara's art house

You take beautiful pictures! Very creative.

Amanda Gibson

Hide your cows Sherelle. The goverment is coming for all cows. Put them in the potato cellar otherwise you will be without beef this summer. Pssst....there are a few extra cows to go around!


Absolutely terrific pictures Sherelle!! Love all the outfits and the hair!! Glad you have been getting temps in the 70's! Seems like it has been a very long winter this year!


Love those pics - the colours are SO vibrant. Can I ask you Sherelle, do you use Photoshop??? Is this is silly question, because everybody seems to use photoshop except me, lol. I have a Rebel Xti and I really don't feel as though I am getting as much out of it as I could, then I feel guilty because it is so darned expensive!

Thanks :-)

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

I swear you find the cutest clothes for your girls. I love the plaid tops. Why can't I find things like that for my granddaughters.


Your kids are so gorgeous! I know Boise was warm - that is where we live! I'm sorry for the loss of your Grandma - thanks for sharing all your fun pics!


Tawsha and her daughter are so beautiful (and you and your fam are too of course!) I love all your pictures - what camera do you use?


Holy Cow!!! Tawsha is soooo cute pregnant, she definetly carries her babies straight out dosen't she? I'm jealous, my whole body gets fat and she looks the same, but with a big baby belly:( I am sulking.


Such cute pictures! I love that you always dress your little girls in the same clothes! Something I aspire to. I'm going to attempt a flower bed this year...we'll see how that goes!


What fun pictures. I LOVE the expressions on your childrens' faces.

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